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Why you should go for Google Flutter App Development?

Flutter App Development

Are you looking for the same UI and business logic on all platforms? Then Flutter app development is the right choice, it allows sharing both the UI code and UI itself, unlike any other cross-platform framework. The UI rendering process makes building an app that looks native on every platform simple. Flutter doesn’t need any platform-specific UI parts to render its UI. Flutter framework really stands out from the crowd eliminating any worries about the ...

Types of Logistics Apps – Features & Cost

Logistics Apps

Have you ever faced a situation when, your driver’s truck is broken at the midway point to a warehouse, or your freight brokers spend too much time checking the load board and some of your truckers drive empty? It sounds like a burden for all logistics business owners. Such situations happen because the logistics business is very segmented and consists of several departments, warehouses fleet, and delivery management. Also, the absence of visibility across logistics ...

Top 10 Features Every HR Software Must Have

HRMS Software Features

Are you in need of HR software that is not just beneficial for the employer but also to the employees? Then your search ends here! Our HRMS software features cover the full spectrum of tasks associated with the HR department, including tracking, improving process efficiency, managing time, attendance, payroll, leave, day to day HR operations, company management, and much more. Many companies are being trapped in limited functionality software which consumes valuable time because they ...

Which is better Django vs Flask?

Django vs Flask

Do you want to choose the best framework for your needs without digging deep? Django vs flask are the two widely used frameworks for Python, Django is a well-polished framework aimed at the rapid development of various web apps written in Python. This framework is distributed as an open-source. The framework itself is actually a code library that helps developers in building reliable, easily scalable, and maintainable web apps. Django is the most popular of ...

Need of On Demand Transportation App

On Demand Transportation App

There has been a rise in on demand transportation services, such as car rental,e-hailing,  car sharing, station-based mobility are providing a space for the transport industry to thrive. Are you looking for a one-stop solution for all your delivery needs including load matching, route planning, tracking, and more? Then on demand transportation app development services from SSTech System are all that you need! We help you to expand your logistic transportation business with easy loading, less ...