Flutter Application Development in 2021 – State Of Cross-Platform?

Flutter App Development

Are you looking for an amazing technology that makes the development of applications simpler and effortless? Then go for flutter application development. It has brought radical changes in our life with its most unique solutions. A big impact is created on every industry sector irrespective of the company’s size. Its application helps you to create visually attractive cross-platform Android and iOS apps.  It saves a huge chunk of money for entrepreneurs by significantly increasing the speed of cross-platform app development, Uses a single code base to create native Android and iOS apps. Programmers can build high-performance apps that make things easier on different platforms.

Flutter Application development: All things you need to know in 2021

Flutter an ideal choice for Startups in 2021, higher efficiency, enhanced reliability, and an innovative approach can make Flutter an ideal choice for every business. Flutter application development trends fit in every corner for start-ups, with reduced development and maintenance rates, improved performance.

  • Rapid development Process

  • Cost-effective Option

  • Better performance, higher productivity

  • Third-party plugins access

  • Availability of many widgets

Flutter Application Development Vs. React Native in 2021

Let us see Flutter Vs. React Native in 2021- who’s The Winner?

Flutter app development


  • Reflect changes immediately.
  • Offers rich widgets.
  • No need of rewriting the code.
  • Quick iteration cycles.
  • Perfect for MVP development.

React Native

  • Code addition into a live application.
  • Maintains high performance
  • Intelligent debugging
  • Rich ecosystem and UI libraries
  • Host platform to natively render APIs

Is Google Going To Abandon Flutter?

No, Flutter is not being abandoned, due to growing up demand with rising support of the community, Google is completely rewriting Google pay in Flutter. It is most fast as Kotlin language and can make your teams more productive, get the apps out the door faster by making maintenance both easier and less expensive. It writes apps for all kinds of IoT devices, from refrigerators to alarm clocks and more.

In Flutter, you can compile executable not only for Android and iOS but for Windows, Mac, and Linux too. You can release your finished app to five different platforms with a single code, and Flutter and react-native are both highly powerful, yet feature-rich, open-source frameworks. As both frameworks support the concept of a single codebase for multiple operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows, and more) and ensure fast coding and bug fixing to the developers. But Flutter is Google’s baby and it was launched in 2018, whereas react-native was introduced by Facebook in 2015 so there are various other things that you need to know about these frameworks.

The Top Flutter Application Development Tools

Flutter Application Development

Let’s have a look at some of the essential Flutter Application development tools for 2021.

  • Code Magic

    An efficient Flutter application development tool that enables you to build, test and deliver mobile applications in a quick time.

  • Test Magic

    It enables the testing and deployment of Android and iOS applications. You can download and deploy CI/CD builds on connected gadgets.

  • Count.ly

    It helps to track fundamental KPIs metrics and KPIs that showcase your app’s growth and performance. It focuses on securing your data.

  • Supernova

    It enhances your app’s design, experience, and usability to develop beautiful, responsive, and natively compiled applications.

  • Panache

    It is the editor tool that helps you create material themes for your Flutter applications.

How to Hire Flutter App Developers in 2021?

Flutter Application Development

The hiring of Flutter development depends on the specifics of your business and project requirements.

Hiring A Dedicated Team

You need to hire a dedicated team: This model of hiring is convenient for businesses of any size and direction. It has been an increasing trend in 2021, company sees a full-cycle of product development from ideation to development, testing, launching, marketing, etc. Their role would become more prominent as strategic business partners. The process of hiring dedicated developers is the best alternative for emergencies. They are skilled, help in completing your project without extending the deadline.

What is the cost of hiring a flutter app developer in 2021?

Hiring a Flutter App developer in 2021 depends on different elements, like the project’s complexity, development costs, development time, and the team chosen to develop the app for your business. To hire Flutter developers the average cost is $ 20-$50/hour.

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