10 Mobile App Trends to watch out for this 2021 & beyond

Mobile app trends

During these days of COVID 19, there is an inception of new technology in mobile application development, smartphones have become our constant companion, and there is no turning back ever since smartphones entered the technology scene. Many technologies made their way into our lives and the revenue generated from mobile app development has risen. Due to this, more mobile app trends also started to come out and materialize along the way.

Both users and app developers hit the jackpot in this scenario. Mobile app trends for 2021 can make our lives simpler in many ways. On the other hand, it also brought more tools into the developer’s weapon. The future of mobile apps looks brighter than ever. In 2021, many innovative mobile app development trends will see daylight and simplify our lives, certain technology trends will rein the world of mobile app development in 2021 and beyond.

What do mobile app trends for 2021 & beyond have to offer?

Trends have a way of making their presence count. We easily move towards them. In mobile app development trends for 2021, our experience is always better than our expectations. From the business perspective, they are highly productive and advantageous. Developers bring these trends to users via mobile apps development and make the lives of users easier. Naturally more users will use it and thereby business strengthen their user base.

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

Mobile app trends

Artificial Intelligence with one of the mobile app trends is strong, different business sectors and it is said to have a positive influence on people’s lives. It will also play a more active role in our lives. The use of AI to carry out the tasks performed by humans will increase to a greater extent and so does the use of mobile app development. It will increase the cost-effectiveness of the project apart from offering better outcomes. The absence of enough user engagement remains one of the main reasons for the failure of mobile apps. Artificial intelligence lets the developers analyze the apps for user behavior and collect insights about what users want. The developers will be able to know how the users are using the app and what they are looking for in it using AI. The feedback is then used by developers to make advancements in the app. The developers can customize apps with AI in different ways with new possibilities.

In 2021, AI will play a more active role, besides the advancement of existing applications like virtual assistants and chatbots, AI-based photo filtering apps like Face App, Prisma, etc. many other devices like AI-based cameras, voice translations, user predictions, etc. will find a new place in smartphones. AI and ML combination can be really useful in complex activities like mobile app development. Whether it is for android app development or iOS app development, it can learn the development process from previous data, detect problems and fix them in real-time.

Machine learning can understand the buying behavior of consumers from previous data, so next time when you shop online, the app itself guides you to your desired products without having to browse them. This is highly effective in e-commerce app development. You can even learn our complete behaviors and actions through our regular usage patterns and implement necessary actions without instructions.

A combination of AI and IoT gives you the freedom from tapping your fingers to get things done. While we relax. AI will accordingly control our homes, devices, automobiles, etc. on its own.

Future Trends of AI

  • AI to automate IT operations

  • AI with IoT

  • Smart camera with subject recognition

  • Voice and language translations

  • AI-powered face unlock

  • User behavior predictions

  • High app authentication for cybersecurity

  • Adaptive battery for more battery life.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT App

In the future trending app, ideas will control our bedroom and kitchen with the help of the internet of things! Imagine you are in the office and you forgot to lock your house, so instead of returning home, you can lock the house from your current location with the help of an IoT powered lock system, an IoT app, and an internet connection. We can control almost everything by using an IoT system not just at home or office. IoT products like Amazon dash button, Philips lighting system, doorbell cam, smart lock, etc. are already winning users over.

Many business organizations quickly shift their gear into IoT app development, so in 2021, IoT devices will be as omnipresent as smartphones.

Future Trends of IoT

  • Smart homes and cities

  • Smart and self-driving automobiles

  • AI-powered IoT devices

  • IoT in healthcare

Geolocation based Apps

Geo location-based app development is a mobile app trends that is already famous and will grow steadily in the coming years. It is one crucial element that enables mobile apps to provide personalized services to their customers. Applications use location tracking to collect information about users, demographics, provide location-based services, better target marketing campaigns, etc.

Mobile app development trends will attract companies to utilize the location data to analyze user patterns and get an insight into the correlation between user behavior and location. It helps customers to give them relevant information and customized solutions.

This customized solution approach improves the overall user experience and enhances user satisfaction.

Future trends in Geolocation based Apps

  • Augmented reality application in geography, astronomy.

  • Gaming apps

  • Recommendation apps

Cloud Integration

Cloud technology never stops amazing us with its endless benefits and possibilities. A hosting service has expanded beyond its initial applications. It is the most reliable platform to securely store and access our data in a smooth and faster way. But cloud technology has not stepped into mobile app development to that extent. But in 2021, there will be many cloud-integrated mobile apps that run directly on the cloud. That way, it alleviates our smartphone’s internal memory. So we don’t have to worry about our phones crashing while running these apps.

Cloud integration is advantageous to both the users and app developers equally. It makes it easy for developers to create a mobile app by making the development easier and faster, along with cost savings. And the users get to access the apps smoothly without having to install them.

Future applications of cloud technology

  • Cloud quantum computing

  • Multi-cloud platforms

  • Hybrid cloud solutions


Mobile App development

Wearables are mobile app trends in business that is making huge waves among users. Many people already use them in the forms of smartwatches, smart jewelry, and display devices, body sensors, and so on. The cool thing is that we can control and communicate these devices through various mobile apps integration of IoT, help us to control these devices even from remote locations using the internet. The wearable can track and analyses body movements, heartbeats, walking steps, body temperature, blood oxygen levels, etc. So it is acceptable, that they are hugely profitable in the healthcare, fitness, and sports industries. The possibilities of wearables are limitless. There will be wearables in many forms in 2021.

Future Trends of Wearables

  • Mind reading glasses

  • Virtual assistant in contact lenses

  • Virtual keyboards across nail polish and smart lenses

  • Smart shirts, buttons, pants, and shoes

Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallets are quickly gathering the hearts of users and are one of the latest mobile app trends. To manage the transactions we no longer need to pay in cash or type in our account details whenever we need to manage our transactions. You just need to link your account details to a mobile wallet app and we can easily transfer money to anyone with the mobile wallet app. Integration of payment gateways with mobile wallets makes the payment process smoother and quicker. Many mobile wallet applications like PayPal, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, etc. are already obtaining massive popularity. So it’s about time for mobile app developers and business organizations to introduce mobile wallets into their apps.

Future Trends of Mobile Wallets

  • More audio-based mobile wallets (e.g. Tez, Google Pay)

  • NFC based (near field communication) payments

  • RFID based (Radio-frequency identification payments)

  • More secure payments.

5G Network

The long waited 5G network is finally expected to reach the market by 2021. and according to statistics, 2021 will see 5G connections boom from between 20 million to 100 million.

In their latest release iPhone12, Apple has made provisions for the adoption of 5G network, and this shows it is one of the most expect mobile app development trends!

5G is expected to be super-fast as compared to its predecessor, about 100 times faster! Combine this high speed with more stability and low latency and you can see why everybody is rooting for this technology.

5G will bring revolutionary changes in streaming services as 4k streaming without buffering will finally stop being a dream. Handling VR and AR 3D objects become possible, with its wider bandwidth. It will also help to increase IoT services with its improved connectivity.

  • Future Application of 5G

  • Wireless healthcare services

  • Cloud computing

  • Driverless vehicle technology

  • Cross-platform App development

It has been seen mobile app development trends shift towards cross-platform technology in the last few years. Trusted and big names in the mobile app industry like Facebook, Pinterest, Alibaba, etc. have successfully integrated this technology to improve their efficiency.

Cross-Platform App Development

In 2021, cross-platform app development will reach a further high. Many advantages of cross-platform app development, like cost-effectiveness, high performance, faster development, etc. will bring more and more apps towards this technology.

As per the statistics, flutter, the new technology from Google will rule the cross-platform industry in 2021. Flutter is the ideal technology for cross-platform development due to ease of learning, multiple IDE support, hot reload, etc. Mobile app developers use other mobile app development frameworks like Xamarin, react native, Ionic, etc. to build hybrid or cross-platform mobile apps.

Instant Apps

In mobile app trends, instant apps are going to remain in trend, to get access to apps without having to download and install them is one thing that we all love it. Instant apps are the ultimate answer to that. Instant apps are smaller in size and don’t need installing, so they are faster than regular apps regardless of hardware and storage capabilities. Instant app development is comparatively simpler and will benefit mobile app developers in a big way. The cost to build a mobile app will also be less as compared to other apps. In this, there will be an extensive focus on instant app development.

Biometric Authentication

Biometric Authentication

Biometric authentication is getting an unavoidable part of smartphones and the latest mobile app trends, while before it was being used to unlock phones, today it is used to login into bank accounts and download mobile apps. An important factor that influences this mobile app development trend is its ease of operation. There is no need to type or draw any patterns, just a touch or a look, and it’s done! But as this trend grows, it is necessary to take into account the security considerations as well. Every mobile app is built in 2021 should be prepared to integrate Touch ID or Face ID to its working. Besides face recognition and fingerprint scanning, biometric authentication could also include voice recognition, hand geometry, iris recognition, or behavioral characteristics.

This is a suitable security authentication method that is unique, non-replicable, remains constant over time and there is no risk of forgetting.

Future Application of Biometric Authentication

  • Immigration Services

  • Cloud-based biometric solutions

  • Online banking and mobile payments

Enterprise Mobile Applications

In the latest mobile app trends, there has been an increase in enterprise mobile applications among businesses worldwide. Statistics show that companies gain exceedingly when employees have access to enterprise mobile apps. It enhances the internal communication between organizations, improves employee satisfaction and productivity, and increases ROI. In 2021 good number of companies are likely to towards the development of enterprise apps.

Enterprise mobile app help organizations streamline and manage complex business processes effectively, it is a step towards digital transformation. It will make the transition of information and integration easy and simplify the overall operations of an organization with added security.

Looking to integrate these trends into your phones is a huge leap. Contact us today to get a free consultation on your app idea, alternatively, you can go through our logistics and other development portfolios to get a good insight.