10 Reasons to Use WordPress for Developing a Website in 2018

WordPress development

WordPress is the most used and prominent content management system. Our company specializes in WordPress development. It is constantly being upgraded, has become more versatile and continues to evolve at an ever-growing pace. It can be used to produce any type of websites. builder plugins and themes have made web development faster and easier. The nonprogrammer can also easily manage the website in WordPress. The standard themes can be easily enhanced with custom CSS.

People can start their own full-time business with WordPress easily. WordPress is suggesting hosts that provide HTTPS and PHP7 by default. PHP7 can improve performance and reduce CPU load. It increased security involving HTTPS and encryption.

Standard WordPress 4.7 Includes Many New Features

  • Video Headers

    Full-screen video can be displayed in the header.

  • Theme Starter Content

    The demo content in theme include content and placement of widgets, menus, icons, images and more.

  • Edit Shortcuts

    Icons will appear over certain locations of the screen where you can edit certain elements of your websites using live preview when using the customizer.

  • Custom CSS

    Your own CSS can be added using the live preview.

  • Smoother Menu Building

    While building the menu, pages can be added. It saves you from having to leave the customizer to create a page to add to the menu.

  • Twenty Seventeen

    The new default theme has multi-section homepage design that’s elegant and clean. It’s a great choice for business and blogging.

  • PDF Thumbnail Previews

    These let you easily distinguish between your PDF files by showing you a thumbnail image.

  • Multi

    lingual dashboard-Different users can see the same dashboard in their own language.

  • Virtual Reality Support

    WordPress will support VR images and videos, The developers can create plugins for using VR with self-hosted WordPress, such as WP-VR-View.

  • Micro Interactions

    They are the small details that refer to engagement of users to their devices as natural as it comes when viewing a particular page on a website. It greatly improves the usability of a website.

Hire our WordPress developers, having ample of experience and expertise to deliver the services as per your business need, and provide you with desired results.