Progressive Web App Development – Why Businesses Needs Attention?

Progresssive Web App Development

Do we all enjoy using apps? Isn’t it? With the flooding of mobile applications in the market, the way the users engage with them is also changing rapidly, so it’s development, from desktop we have gradually move to applications and now it is progressive web app development. It is a new and natural way, to develop applications that load faster, take up less power and storage. It is proving to be the next application development standard, as becoming more relevant in our society. Social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and some games have become household names among the users that use gadgets. How much do you understand these apps and put them into use?

Progressive web apps are the best way to develop applications, as they load faster and would perform better than their peers like a web page and a native app. They are still websites but gives the look and feel of an app. The latest and advanced web standards are used that allow installation on any device used. You can install a progressive web application on the system that can work offline. Progressive web applications only aim to deliver a user-friendly app experience.

Let’s Have a Look into the Progressive Web App Development

What are Progressive Web Apps?

Progressive Web App Development

Progressive web apps are enabled by the internet and they can be accessed through the web browser of different phones or laptops. It blends web pages and native mobile apps, users can get the best user experience, even at the same time can advertise their products. It combines the benefits of the latest web technologies with that of the web and mobile app to give a new experience to the user. Even if there is low connection speed, when detecting the screen size, the PWA picks the right version from the stack and loads it instantly. With the minor configurational change, it is very easy to upgrade the existing website, web apps and make them more mobile-friendly, which in return attract so much attention.

Why Businesses Need Progressive Web Apps

The user can interact much faster, animate, and scroll with the help of progressive web apps. These apps can work with little or even no internet connection as they can be loaded instantly without the help of caching that will enhance user experience. Progressive web apps give a native-like app experience and can be installed without the need for an app store. So there is no delay for validation from Apple or Play store.

Benefits of Using Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps Benefits
Let us take a look at the key benefits of progressive web applications for business and their capabilities, from start-ups to big enterprises.

1. Low development costs

A single progressive app does meet the requirements of all endpoints, on which it operates and does not need different versions for various devices. The cost to develop a PWA decreases as it remarkably reduces the number of efforts that developers provide. There are three to four times of cost reductions than that of a native mobile app

2. Smooth and Fast installation

Users can easily download and smoothly install a PWA directly onto their device from a website. A PWA gets its icon on phones and tablets just like a mobile app. To get greater exposure you can place your app in the Google Play store. There is no long and complex installation process in PWAs like regular mobile applications. This notably improves user experience, as the users just have to download an app quickly and directly to their devices, and they do not need to go to the App Store or Google Play. It streamlines the process and outstandingly reduces user abandonment. Once the PWA is downloaded an app, they can access it via a desktop icon. The users can download these apps when they visit respective websites as some browsers even provide a call to action like teasers. It allows the apps to enhance their credibility and reliability with the built-in functionality of the browser. The users can easily access the PWA via a URL, and the software does not require installation on devices that notably contributes to the high shareability.

3. Better Performance

PWA cache, serve text images and other content in a specific, efficient manner, that enables them to operate like websites and notably improves the running speed. Along with quick operation, faultless performance is another chalk up to that has an impact on user experience and conversion rates.

4. Enhanced Security

PWAs depend on HTTPS to offer data safety and minimize the risk of security issues, as this protocol allows to prevent inquiring and content interfering. The application take benefit of web Bluetooth technology that includes certain security capabilities.

5. No app store submission

PWA apps are not required to be published on app stores, so businesses don’t have to go through the long and tedious app store submission process. There is no waiting for any approvals to push new updates, they are automatically downloaded and updated when users relaunch the app.

Can you build progressive Web Apps with React?

Progressive Web Apps using React

You can build progressive web apps using plain JavaScript and HTML, CSS to build a powerful PWA with react. This technology has many developer tools, boilerplates, and libraries to make debugging, testing, and design easier. It provides a variety of options so you can choose the one that will suit your particular task the most. The PWAs are intended to be fast, reliable, and engaging.

Can any website be a progressive web app?

Yes, any website can be turned into a progressive web app, as it is considered the future of multi-platform development as it runs on several devices, the application speed also increases, easy installation, and no updates. It is available on both Android and iOS makes PWA an app of the future.

What is a Progressive Web App Development in React?

Progressive web app in reacting is a service worker and a web manifest. There is a call to a service worker that is an unregistered function for your app. It has service workers as an opt-in feature, the base CRA provides, that it must be enabled.

Can I use react for PWA?

Yes, you can use react for PWA.

Is React JS good for PWA?

Yes, react JS is good for PWA as the development becomes easier and faster with react. They are performant and can become even more powerful and effective with the help of PWA technology. The synergy of PWA developed with react makes it an outstanding technology that maximizes the benefits of both.

Progressive Web App Development Vs Native

Progressive Web App Vs Native

Sr No. Progressive web app Native
1 Interface and functionality is similar to a mobile app The app is developed in a native programming language.
2 Progressive web apps are less complicated as they are developed in an intuitive framework, just like any other website. The native app builds separate versions compatibility with each operating system.
3 No installation is required in a progressive web application. Native apps required the user to download and install apps on their phone.
4  Progressive web apps have good loading speed. as it can cache resources and sync data remotely. Native apps consume less phone battery. Power consumption is under the control.


The following are the Best Progressive Web App Developments of 2021

  • Spotify
  • Rooted Objects
  • Ali Express
  • The Washington Post
  • Stance

Progressive Web App Development services are as under

  • PWA customization
  • Web application development
  • Plugin development
  • Progressive web design

Progressive Web App Development Frameworks are as under

  • Angular PWA
  • Vue PWA framework
  • Ionic PWA framework
  • Svelte PWA framework

Progressive Web App Development Cost

Progressive Web App Development Cost

The cost of progressive web development is very tricky, as no two projects are the same, it depends on the complexity of the project. The approaches, technologies, domain, expertise are different, so the rates are. The following are the key factors that define the cost of the progressive web application.

  • Project complexity
  • Web pages that require caching
  • Development Approach (Readymade software +custom PWA development)

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