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13 reasons to choose Java for web development

Java for Web Development

Java for web development is the most commonly used language. While using Java for web development one need not be worried about the application. No other programming language is as scalable as Java for web development. The projects can handle high-speed and traffic with ease while using Java for web development. Java was developed to be an object-oriented, cross-platform language. It can be used on any platform without any hassle. As per Java Development Statistics, ...

Performance Comparison of Ionic vs React Native

Ionic vs React Native

In this technological era, everyone is urged to be updated with relevant information and data at their fingertip. Many companies are shifting from desktops web to intuitive and full-featured mobile applications. Ionic vs React Native are the two best frameworks for developing hybrid mobile applications. Ionic is a complete open-source SDK whereas React Native is a cross-platform solution. React Native market share is 4.67%, while Ionic market share is 3.72%. React Native is Native whereas ...

The Best User UI Kits for Mobile App Design

UI Kits

Designing apps and websites is very crucial. For designing, quality tools are required. And here comes the role of UI (User Interface) Kits. UI Kits play a pivotal role to make any business app or website touch the success and look more appealing. UI Kits comprise elements that aid in building the UI of the website development. UI Kits are used to clarify, merge, and fuse intricate approaches to creating large projects. UI Kits contain ...

How is mobile technology impacting the Healthcare Industry?

Healthcare Industry

Mobile technology has become the companion of human and social life. Now, everything is just a click away from us. The health care industry is also now no more untouched by Mobile technology. Innovation in the healthcare industry has led app development to become both a necessity as well as a luxury. The health care industry has witnessed boundless transformation due to technological advancement and interference. The pandemic is still in continuation and the healthcare industry has paved its ...

Features and Benefits of Logistics App Development Services

Logistics App Development Services

Visualizing today’s life without apps is just unfeasible and the last 2 years have shown that apps developments must be the top hand priority for all sectors of the industry. According to the statistics provided in 2021 more than 65 million installs were done. It is predefined thinking that apps are favorable for B2C & B2B industries but it is not so it also includes LOGISTICS Sector. The logistics industry is gaining importance in both national ...