Why You Should Go For Courier Delivery App Development?

Courier Delivery App Development

The Benefits of Web and Mobile App-Based Courier Delivery App development

The dispersion of people to different corners of the world has intensified the necessity for transporting goods from one place to another. The on-demand delivery service market has become very different; you can get food, shopping, errand running, maid, dog walkers, and B2B logistics on-demand. A need to send little parcels to your near and dear ones is always there. People are now moving towards the digital medium, for courier services, as you can send your parcel through mobile phone as well….Courier delivery app development automates the entire process and gives the customer the benefit of tracking their shipment. It allows users to check the complete tracking details in just a few taps.

On-Demand Courier Delivery App Features

On-Demand Courier Delivery App

  • Live Tracking

    Real-time tracking for the admin, company, retailers, and customers to keep track of parcel delivery activities. The customer will receive 24*7 updates, notifications and track their package at any time. It has a dedicated GPS tracker that would help your customers locate the order delivery vehicles.

  • Registration/Login

    Easy registration of the company, user, retailer instead of a lengthy registration process.

  • Secure Payment Method

    Secure payment options and protection of sensitive information.

  • Admin Panel

    Get the bigger picture of your delivery business with the admin panel or dashboard and manage the overall functionality of your app.

  • Push Notification

    Push notifications to reach out to customers with just a tap and give timely updates of the parcel delivery status. Your customers can stay updated regarding booking status, parcel, and driver’s location among others.

  • Navigation

    The driver is able to use the app to navigate the pick-up and drop off location.

  • Review and Ratings

    The driver feels valued and helps customers to rate and review their experience. It is a great way to garner feedback as a company and find out areas that need improvement.

  • Customer-Friendly UI/UX Design

    A great looking app speaks volumes about your business. So during courier delivery app development, we make sure to incorporate a stunning design that attracts customers. It is easily navigable and appeals to your target audience. The app can be loaded fast and is without any glitches.

  • Faster Delivery Option

    This app offers express delivery to customers who need fast service. Schedule delivery.

Retailer/Customer Panel

Retailer panel

  • Customer/Retailer Registration

    Customer and retailer can easily register, and can make all their courier delivery bookings at their own convenience.

  • Profile

    The personal profile of the retailer app includes all the necessary details required to be filled during registration.

  • Pushed Notifications

    The retailer app has pushed notifications for providing regular updates. This is a strong engagement tool for on-demand apps and entails a fantastic customer experience.

  • Versatile Payment Option 

    A hassle-free wallet payment gateway system, with razor pay, stripe configuration.

  • Ratings and Review Section

    customers can provide their feedback, rating, and reviews on the services received. It also helps to make improvements and make the user experience more enjoyable.

  • Package Tracking Feature

    GPS tracking feature ensures that your customers get to track their packages in real-time using location-based services.

  • Driver Panel 

    It enables the driver to regulates the orders and maintains it accordingly.

  • Accept/Decline 

    It helps a driver to accept or decline the job depending on his availability or workload. The managers can remain updated and handover the parcel to some other driver who is available at a short notice.

  • Job-Status 

    Through the package delivery service, drivers can send regular updates about their job status. It helps managers to send notification about delivery without overloading any single or particular driver.

  • Driver Job History 

    Drivers get a complete job history of their trips for the entire day. It helps them to calculate their payments and get complete feedback from the managers.

  • Parcel Details 

    The driver will get complete information about the type of package that has to be delivered. It will help the driver to manage their trips as per their need.

  • Digital Signature 

    On-demand courier app has a digital signing feature. This involves less paperwork for the drivers as they can sign the purchases digitally and can alert the trip manager after delivery.

  • Track Earnings 

    The account earning a feature in the apps helps the driver to keep a complete estimate of their earnings for the day.

  • Admin Panel 

    The company admin, retailer manages all the necessary pre-requisites of the app.



It is the landing page of the admin panel. It contains a summary of all information. Managers can analyze any situation and take prompt decisions in reference to the reports available on the dashboard.

Driver Management

It allows company admin and retailer to modify the existing driver details, can keep track of driver’s activities, store all the driver’s information like driver’s licenses and other documents. Admin can also manage commissions, incentives, and earnings.

Freight Management

This module helps the company to handle parcel shipping and handling costs. You can calculate fare charges for each delivery.

Why you should consider a courier delivery app development?

It is unique and is the most favored by developers due to the following reasons.

  • You are allowed to build test apps for free.

  • It provides your on-demand delivery app with a secure payment method.

  • It offers real-time app analytics to improve your app.

  • The app can be published in the play store & app store.

The Advantages Of Web and Mobile App-Based Courier Delivery App development

  • Fast Delivery

    On-time and express delivery every time.

  • Secure Service

    Smooth accessible, reliable payment option

  • Worldwide Shipping

    We go extra mile for domestic and global shipping

  • Package Tracking

    You require only one app to track your packages. It keeps the data from all of your packages in one place. You will get updates with its delivery status through the app.

There is a great demand for the development of the on-demand courier delivery app. Many investors have already invested in this field. If you are an investor. It could be a great choice for you. All you require is a complete solution for the courier delivery app development, and then you can make money easily, as courier service is a service that is valuable to everyone.

Are you looking for a white-label SaaS-based courier app? We at SSTech System have our in-house courier app product Driver007 which is a SaaS-based platform, which provides notable savings, by eliminating the upfront cost of purchase/installation, maintenance, and upgrades. You can save spending a large sum of money on hardware installation.

How does it work?

How does it work

Driver007 comes with two apps viz driver and retailer and every operation can be managed using our readymade CRM. It offers a convenient way to track your parcel in real-time.

  • Download and Install Driver007 Apps

  • You need to provide pickup and delivery locations

  • You need to provide details about the package like package dimensions, weight, and other details.

  • You can request to pick up the parcel from the pickup location.

  • The driver can accept/decline the request and pick up the parcel and drop it off at the end customer.

  • You can get your parcel at the doorstep.

  • Customers ratings and reviews

  • The driver gets rewards to point for their delivery service, like silver, gold, or platinum.

  • Digital Signature as proof of delivery

  • Easy wallet maintaining and earning.

So instead of going to build an app from scratch, we can provide you with a readymade solution that saves your time. You can subscribe to the software on monthly basis. It is scalable, easy to use, comes with enhanced security. You can also check our introductory videos for the Driver and retailer app on our driver product page. Contact us today to schedule a demo for Driver007.