10 Things to Know Before Hire PHP Developers for Your Project

Hire PHP Developers

To select the right PHP developer is a crucial aspect for any PHP development company because it is the developer who will transform your dream into reality. When employing a Hire PHP developers you must consider, whether he has the ability to adjust to your environment. It must be understood that each business environment is different with different requirements.

Here are ten essential things to consider before hiring PHP developers:

Hiring Source

PHP developer with the correct skill-set, can be hired from a reliable source. Among the different options available, suitable references should be taken from known industry people. In case of some sort of limitation freelance developer can also be chosen. A better option would be to hire PHP developers from reputed companies who have better idea of various techniques used in web development and its implementation.

Check PHP and HTML Programming Language

Before you hire a PHP developer, please test his/her PHP and HTML programming language. The person with in depth programming language will be able to handle the project in effective manner.

Sample Work Of Past Project Undertaken

While selecting a good offshore PHP developer, it is crucial that you check past projects. Get the sample of work from their previous clients with whom they have worked, it will give an idea about their quality of work that can be expected from them, if work is allocated to them. If they have worked on similar context before, then work becomes easier.

Proficient and Experience

Hire Php developer with proficient technical knowledge and experience. The technical skills and domain knowledge is considered to categorized php developer as beginner level, mid-level and advanced level.Choose experience levels of developers based on the complication of project.

Technical Knowhow

The Php developer should be well conversant with programming knowledge of PHP and HTML in terms of technical capabilities. To understand developers experience and expertise, check out their portfolio. Knowledge of developers on various frameworks can be gauge on different parameter like for code Igniter (A great looking sites have been developed) Cake Php (A compatible application with PHP 4 have been developed) A Php developers should be well aware and have exposure to be able to work with different databases, various available plugins, and a variety of hosting options.

Requirement Gathering and Capable To Deal With Changing Client’s Need

Gathering of requirement is an integral part of any project. It is essential for the developer to completely understand the business requirements, clients’ needs, and deliverables. He should be able to transform those technical specification into a successful project. He must be aware about how your business works. The developer must have knowledge to formulate strategy for requirement gathering. As per the market demands and user feedback the requirement is expected to keep changing based on the business needs, in such case the developer should quickly be able to understand, adapt to changing requirements and must have enough patience to deal with it.

Quality Assurance Test

The small and medium size businesses doesn’t have a dedicated team for testing, quality assurance of the application. In such cases, developer should be well aware with unit, user testing of the softwares, websites and applications. In order to discover bugs in individual modules and classes PHP developers should be able to use unit testing frameworks before they are integrated together. The overall costs of application development can be reduced drastically with such frameworks. The developer must have understanding of bug tracking method and system.

Good Communication Skill and Transparency

It is important to maintain transparency with client for any project success. The developer must be well acquainted with various communication tools such as audio, video, web, phone and email messages.

Choose a developer who can easily communicate over these mediums, rather than typing out lengthy emails. The programmer should be able to speak decent English. There should not be any language barriers and should be able to communicate with different time zones or work schedules.

Zest for Learning

Appoint a php developer who has willingness to learn new things and is thirsty for knowledge, as the technology world is changing at a rapid pace. One should have zeal to stay abreast with the current trends and always ready to evolve, upgrade and stay updated. The developer should be able to work within budgets. It will be great to have a resource with an understanding of how to work within budget. If the developer understands the budget limits, that will impact positively on delivery and deadline.

Attitude Is Important

Hire a PHP developer who can adapt to changing situations easily, while skillset is essential, attitude is also equally important. The easiest way to find out whether someone will adapt to new scenario by learning technologies is to find out by asking questions. Choose a Php developer who is able to adapt to your system. Should be able to adapt to your system.

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