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We integrate API of different shipment, they serve a single source of tracking information for multiple carriers. You can monitor carrier delivery performance and display the tracking details. We integrate shipment tracking functionality via its API that works in the background and pull in data from external servers and display shipping information to you and your customers. We provide a single source of tracking information from multiple carriers, by connecting them via API, you can monitor carrier delivery performance and display the corresponding tracking details on your side.

How Tracking Of Shipment Works

The shipment tracking process begins when a customer places an order. They need to able to generate a shipping label from a chosen carrier. A shipping label is a unique ID with all the details related to the ordered item, pick up and destination, buyer and receiver contacts, etc.

At every stop en route the label is scanned to determine the package’s whereabouts, stored in the carrier’s tracking system, this data can be retrieved from there via API.

The following point sums up shipment tracking operations

  • Order Placement

  • Available Rates recalling

  • Choice of Carrier

  • Label Generation

  • Locate the parcel by scanning the label

  • Data storing in the carrier’s tracking system

  • Retrieve data via API to enable shipment tracking from a third-party’s side

Carrier Development

Need for Carrier Integration.Carrier Integrations Have Many Benefits.

  • Time-Saving

    Carrier integration automates, shipping processes, savesthe time of putting multiple order details. Put an end to manual bookings, saves user efforts and operative time can be diverted to replenishment, picking or packing.

  • Accuracy

    As the delivery details being input automatically from the ERP or WMS, they are not prone to human error, and it has far greater accuracy from all your consignments. It reduces the number of key errors, saves wasted time, effort and costs associated with failed deliveries and returns.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    It makes delivery details accurate by reducing customer complaints about missing deliveries, incorrect shipping details, inaccurate tracking. Customers are satisfied to receive their orders in time and enjoy a positive retail experience.

  • Efficiency

    The automated process reduces delivery time, the customer can get delivery as per expectation and don’t have to juggle with different carriers and their systems. It produces a streamlined, more efficient method of connecting fulfillment and shipping.

  • Cost Saving

    The operation saves time, improves efficiency, delivers accuracy and has satisfied customers reduces the cost and increases profits.

Multi-Carrier Integration

Multi-carrier support makes tracking of the shipment easy and you don’t have to settle for paying more for shipping or wait for a longer period to receive the order.
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