5 Robust Steps to create a successful ecommerce website using Magento Framework

Magento Framework

Using Magento Framework Will Create a Dynamic Website

With the growth in the e-commerce business, it is the perfect time to move online, especially when all your competitors are using online ways to reach more customers. Most of the businesses use Magento Framework as a base for their e-commerce businesses, as it is specially designed for e-commerce and takes care of the e-commerce website as well. Building a robust eCommerce website in Magento gives tons of benefits to the businesses. Most of the companies hire professional developers for getting the best e-commerce website. Beneath we are discussing five robust steps to create a successful eCommerce website.

Choose a Magento 2 Hosting Provider

You need to finalize the best Magento hosting before beginning with platform installation and configuration as all the further steps will depend on the hosting plan and the provider you choose. Today, some providers are specialized in Magento hosting that comes with a one-click install of the platform and will help in creating a dynamic eCommerce Website using Magento Framework. By selecting the best Magento dedicated hosting you can manage the whole server easily and effectively.

Get the Latest Magento Release

First of all, visit the Magento website and create an account and then decide the way you will be installing Magento 2. Normally there are two options including Web Setup Wizard or through Composer. In Wizard, you won’t be able to upgrade the platform in the future while it is possible with Composer or command line. You need to download the Magento software archive; go to Resources- Tech-resources – Download. Select the version of your choice, then select the archive format and click “download”. This is one of the steps to create a Robust eCommerce Website.

Set-up a Store Theme

Set-up a store theme

You can look for a drive friendly theme to attract more customers towards your online store. There are default themes available in Magento Framework and you can get it customized as per your needs. Also, there are unlimited free and paid custom Magento theme templates, designed by several different theme providers specialized in creating the best e-commerce website using the Magento framework. In case you are planning to get major changes done in the theme or development of a theme then hire the professionals who are experts in the Magento Web Development process.

Catalog Configuration

Categories, subcategories, product pages, etc are important as they enhance the experience of the online shoppers. You will not find it difficult to manage product categories and subcategories using Magento Framework and there is no upper limit to the number of products you add in your catalog. You can add new products to the store by visiting the admin panel. Select Catalog– Products and on this page, you will see all the items that are already added to the catalog.

Customize the store functionality with Magento 2 extensions

Once you have tested the amazing features of the eCommerce site in Magento, you will look for extra analytics, SEO, or accounting tools to integrate your store with as well. This is what most of the Magento merchants do, most of the businesses choose customized Magento extensions that match the list of features needed to enhance the visibility of your store. Once you have prepared a list of the Magento 2 extensions you can buy them from Magento Market to give an enhanced look to your eCommerce store.

Once you are done with all the preparations, it’s time to go live. Developing a Magento store is once in a lifetime investment and therefore it is important to hire the best company specialized in Magento Website Development in India.

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