Small Freight Logistics benefit using Mobile App Technologies

Freight logistics

Do you want to let your product discover the joy of smooth moving and visit the world in style? Then go for freight logistics mobile apps that can bring many benefits to the industry like helping managers with functions of transportation of goods, material handling, managing the inventory or stock load planning and management.  Nowadays, where everything is done in real-time, align your business with mobile apps will improve the productivity and profitability of your business operations tenfold.

Benefits of Small Freight Logistics

  • Paper-Based Processes Get Automation With Freight Logistics

    With freight apps and mobile forms, drivers can gather the necessary data and store it in the company’s database or in their mobile devices that reduce the paperwork and can reduce freight issues.  By the use of mobile forms, organizations can collect data and measure relevant metrics like driving time and mileage. This automation will boost productivity and will allow you to get instant mobile reports, save time and ensure that your data is safe and easily accessible.

  • LTL Freight Logistics Mobile Solution

    Freight Logistics apps can help to manage end to end transportation processes with whole supply chain, delivery forecasts, planning, shipment, consolidation, and transportation.

    It significantly benefits shippers and carriers and a number of related apps can work together to streamline their operations.

    Freight Logistics app can minimize delivery errors for eg If the delivery barcode is scan incorrect format, an in-app button turn green and unloading the wrong package can turn the button red. This kind of feature can reduce the delivery error of up to 70%.  Freight logistics mobile apps are useful to record, store and manage valuable data which can help you come up with more responsive business decisions. It reduces complications in maintaining accounts, billing etc.and automatically improves your profitability.

  • Performance Monitoring

    Freight logistics solutions help managers to supervise function such as load management, load planning, and transportation optimization. Clarity also helps companies to reduce performance gaps, increase their cleverness and predict certain problems and make data-driven business decisions.

  • Track Vehicles

    Mobile technology allows logistics companies to track vehicles and cargo. It is possible to track a parcel on a meter-by meter, second by second basis which makes it possible to oversee the transport processes and not only recognize issues when they arise, but also to predict troubles before they appear. It can instantly know where all your crews are and can keep track of your assets with a GPS system.

  • Flexible Delivery Process

    The delivery schedules and routes can be changed with the use of freight logistics apps which provide a big level of flexibility to the organization. Increase customer retention and generates opportunities to increased levels of cooperation between logistics providers and customers.

  • Reduce Costs And Save Time

    Optimize routes for each driver by reducing fuel expenses. It can simplify major functions and enable your organization to operate more efficiently thereby reducing operational costs.

  • Easy Dispatch Of Products

    You can speed up the process of dispatch, optimize routes, manage rides, reduce miles driven and increase revenue using work order software.

  • Performance Monitoring

    Visibility is very important for logistics companies and mobile solutions can help managers to oversee functions such as load management.

    Paperwork order forms and service orders get lost often or can end up incomplete, incorrect and in many cases illegible using mobile apps and mobile forms, drivers can gather the necessary data and organizations can collect data measure relevant metrics like driving time and mileage.

    LTL shipping companies can gain better efficiency, overall shipping speed and customer satisfaction with a mobile app that is interactive, fast and easy to use, real-time management of logistic processes such as inventory management, delivery, record storage, inspections and more.

LTL Logistics

LTL Logistics uses the same truck for multiple customer’s shipments, therefore LTL dimensioning may take longer to arrive due to multiple pickups and stops along the way.

Truckload shipping is economical if there is freight to be shipped. With an LTL shipment, the customers have to pay for the amount of space they use on the truck and not the entire truck. one-way freight trucking in one trailer and it doesn’t require any intermediate handling or sorting The rest of the truck’s space is shared by other parcels from other companies or individuals.

Challenges Faced By LTL Operation Management.

Freight logistics

In order to reduce sorting costs, load planners sometimes take the skeletal hub and modify it considerably to maximize their truck utilization and spoke infrastructure the motor carrier freight rate. Support superior customer service and drive operational efficiency, dispatchers need to implement a transportation management system. Get the real-time answers to the following questions

  • How do you accept or reject a request from a shipper?

  • How do you assign shipments to trucks?

  • How do you route the trucks?

  • How do you schedule the trucks?

  • How do you assign drivers to trucks?

A shipper can make a decision once it has access to the following data associated with LTL operations.

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