Chat Bot Framework

Chat Bot Framework

Chat bots are great tools to communicate with customers. A real interaction with users is possible via chat interface. It gives a conversation like a real person in a natural way wherever they are from website or app, skype, office 365 mail, Microsoft teams, slack, Telegram, text/sms, Twilio, Facebook messenger.

Chat Bot enables to reach your customers on multiple channels to gain deep insights on every interaction. It makes your brand available 24/7 by engaging with your customers digitally on their smartphones, tablets and PCs.

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Benefits of Using Chat Bot

  • Chat bots help to serve customers in a better way for instance it help hotel customer to reserve a room or to make orders at cheaper rate. Which in return build a relationship with a customers.

  • Chat bots makes it easier, for the customer to find what they are looking for, due to navigation issues or facing problems in having registration, payment, checkout and delivery questions Or Not enough information is provided about a product.

  • Chat bot can provide real time assistance, like a sales person by offering an interactive communication and ask questions to understand the real problem.

  • Chat bots can present customers rich content with product pages, images, blog entries, tutorial videos based on their responses.

  • Chat bots acts as a virtual agents to provide individualized information about a customer’s order, billing devices, subscription accounts, sales advice etc.

  • The user gets a quick and thorough understanding of their business with chat bot effect.

  • It is a motivating tool for productivity and help people in making progress on their issues.

  • As now a days users are more engaged in using social media apps such Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, integration of Chabot into one of the popular platforms can help to save money and time.

  • Organization can handle more tasks at the same time thus reducing customer waiting up time and can scale up their operations to new markets globally without multiplying incoming request to be handled.

  • Customer can start conversation regarding any issues, any time of the day with Chabot. It makes them feel that your brand is one step ahead, and a friend who is available 24/7 to answer any query, solve your customer care problems in multiple languages. Thus giving easier approach to the global market.

  • Chat bots keep the customers away from unnecessary information and engage customers for longer time, by maintaining the conversation.

  • Chat bots help in improving customer service 24/7, whether it is for national or international clients.

  • Improvement in your product and services can be made by collecting feedback through simple questions. Low converting pages of the website can be optimize to generate a good amount of organic traffic with Chabot doing survey to collect more information on why customers are leaving the page without purchasing.

  • Chatbots can predict the response of the customer by monitoring user data to track purchasing patterns and consumer behaviours. It helps companies to decide what marketing strategy to adopt.

  • Chat bot helps to generate better lead, and nurturing by asking the necessary and related questions, persuade the user. It also help to determine the unqualified leads through identified KPIs, and prevent from dealing with time consuming leads.

  • Chat bots allow organizations to handle many customers at once and simultaneously thereby it saves on employee costs and also avoid the problems caused by human errors. Implementation of full functioning Chatbot is much cheaper and faster.

  • With the help of chatbots customers can easily access within seconds and start interaction immediately.

Chat bot is a powerful tool for the company to enhance the business and make the operation smooth and easy.

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