Technologies & Cost Involved for developing a bespoke Logistics App

Logistic App Development

Logistic app development has a promising future. So why not take the benefits of these facts? There has been some interesting transformation and trend in logistics app development The ever-increasing demands, new consumption patterns, digital age of commerce and global trade have influenced the industry. The transport and logistics app is reigning in the industry. The different methods of logistics and transportation used in the past are entirely different from the latest methods followed.

Logistic companies are coming up with the logistic mobile app to maximize delivery volumes in minimum time. Mobile app for transportation, an automated management system makes it simple to track fleet, routes shipments and everything in a standardized and organized manner. Be it an Android or iOS, the logistics app development has revolutionized the transportation industry. Now you must be pondering about the costs involved in logistic app design? Which technology power, logistics app development needs?

There has been a constant increase in the third-party logistics industry from 2000 to 2018. One of the logistics providers has generated gross revenue of 184.3 billion.

Types of Logistics App

The ideas to develop mobile apps for transportation range from fleet management to warehousing handling.

  • Forwarding and Tracking Apps

    It helps to get real-time updates about the routes taken by them and goods deliveries.

  • Logistics On-Demand Apps

    It is an app that helps the customers to avail of the services and maintains the connections.

  • Warehouse Mobile Apps

    This app helps to maintain and get the data in their convenient manner and also helps to stay connected.

  • Fleet Management Apps

    With the fleet management app, we can get a solution that is needed by fleet managers in real-time. It helps to organize, manage and coordinate vehicles from the central information system to keep the overall fleet operation running smoothly. In case the service involved the transportation of a consignment from one place to another within a stipulated time safely, it requires the fleet manager to track it live. This service allows us to know the up to date information, about the exact position, ETA of the consignment at the destination. The driver can reach the destination quickly and safely, with the help of this App and the guidance of the manager.

Features Of Fleet Management Solutions

Logistics App

There Are Three Modules In Logistic and Transportation Mobile App Development

Customer Panel

  • User Authentication
  • Profile Creation and management
  • Select Vehicle
  • Schedule booking
  • Track Shipment
  • Driver Contact
  • Cancel reservation
  • Get fare estimation
  • Bill payment
  • Push Notification
  • Rate Driver

Driver Panel

  • Driver Authentication
  • Check shippers details
  • Check freight details
  • Manage requests
  • GPS tracking
  • Payments

Admin Panel

  • Login
  • Dashboard
  • Shipper management
  • Driver management
  • Manage fleet and vehicles
  • Dispatchers management
  • Payment and invoice
  • Trip Evaluate reports
  • Referral Rewards

Advance Features

  • In-app chat
  • Live stats of delivery form your merchant
  • Multilingual for driver support
  • GPS
  • Real-time analytics
  • Driver Safety
  • Referral rewards
  • Cloud operations

Technology Stack

The next thing for the development of Logistics app development is to choose the best technology stacks to integrate various features some of them are:

  • A. Twilio- for authentication of credentials
  • B.Braintree & PayPal, Stripe- for payment gateways
  • C.APNS for iOS, Firebase for Android and one Single SDK for both-Notification triggering.
  • D.MongoDB, Postgresql- database requirement
  • E.Firebase-real-time analytics
  • F.AWS, Google, Azure, Digital Ocean- cloud platforms

Features of App

  • Geofencing

    It is very useful when dealing with the operations of the vehicle on a particular route. It is a separate feature of the GPS systems.

  • Telematics-GPS System

    Telematics systems allow to design and customize them as per the various requirement of the users. Some of the major benefits of the system include an advanced embedded solution that links driverless trucks into a convoy. In the future, the GPS systems will be in the form of OEM to take the consignments safely to the destination.

  • Traffic Updates For Route Optimization

    The drivers are free from worries for not knowing the routes! Since there are a lot of third-party apps and Google apps that make navigation from one place to another easy.

  • M2M Communication

    Machine to machine communication has made it possible for automobile manufacturers to monitor the health of their machine remotely. This technology allows the fleet managers the smooth running of their vehicles.

  • Calibration

    With the increase of technology, the fleet management system is able to take care of the vehicle calibration, even without taking the vehicle to the filling station. These features allow to save a lot of time for calibration and increase productivity.

  • Cost Of Developing App

    The cost involves in developing logistics and transportation apps differs from app to app as it depends on the requirement, features, and functionality of additional feature integration.

The Charges For The Customized Logistics App Development Will Be Different and Depends On The Following.

  • Design
  • Android and iOS native app development
  • Backend Development
  • Web Development
  • Project management
  • Quality Assurance

Apart from logistic app development cost, you need to keep the provision for miscellaneous expenses like app marketing, maintenance, and other charges. At the initial stage, your app needs to go digital marketing techniques. Therefore, you need to spend some money on app promotion. It can give your app boost for first downloads which is necessary to grab people’s attention.

Also, it is essential for you to come up with the updated version of your app with some new features and improved functionality. For that reason, a mobile app development service provider can play a significant role by providing app maintenance and support services. The costs depend on the technology stack used for the apps too. The usage of the various technologies and time for the development also determines the price of the app. Other factors include the amount of testing needed and technical considerations. Thus there are many aspects contribute to the total costs for developing the mobile app for logistics companies.

Get a detailed view of the things, before getting into the logistic app development. Never compromise with the quality of good development team, skilled developers, designers and testers that develop your app within less time, from the good logistic app development company.

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