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Cloud Web Solution has redefined IT infrastructure architecture, as well as how to design, plan and scale your cloud implementation. It is a wide-ranging managed technology service that is customized for clients without centralized servers and a mobile workforce that still require a high level of collaboration, support, and security. Cloud Computing promises enterprises an enhanced performance, high scalability, mobility, agility, security, and accessibility to their existing IT infrastructure. SSTech System is end to end cloud solution provider company.

  • Improved security and compliance
  • Drive down costs
  • Lessen operational issues
  • Business agility
  • Reduced support and hardware needs
  • Anywhere, anytime collaboration
  • Data security
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Data is the backbone of your business. Our cloud solution deliver the ultimate freedom, mobility, and speed that your data needs. It protects data anywhere, safeguards your precious data wherever it lives. Cloud backup solutions make it smooth and easy backup and restore your SaaS or on- premises data to the cloud. Cloud infrastructure is secure and always available with no downtime or loss of data. Cloud allows accessing your business anytime, anywhere. It helps enterprises to become fully digitized. It helps to engage and connect with a global customer base, or with a cloud-based information dashboard to keep management informed. Our highly skilled and talented team can deliver a custom solution that meets the current and future demands of your business.

Our cloud solution services diminish the project timelines and deployment risks. Our services are meant for the businesses to succeed. It increases speed, agility, and scalability. We take a glance at our client’s goal and define our approach accordingly to ensure that they get the most out of the available cloud options. Our in-depth understanding of cloud services benefits enterprises to achieve their business goals.

Amazon Web Service Consulting (AWS)

Accelerate Your Business Journey To Cloud With Our Services

Amazon Web Service Consulting (AWS)

In today’s dynamic era, the cloud promises on demand flexibility, scalability and agility to businesses, it has revolutionized the way organisation perceive IT infrastructure. Amazon web services help businesses scale and grow.

We assist our clients in every step of migration their data and workloads to cloud which includes planning, designing, building, data migration, application management, resources and cost optimizations. We maintain security, availability and control.

Our Professional Services
  • Data migration services
  • Amazon application load balancer
  • Infrastructure and application management
  • Cloud platform management
  • Disaster recovery infrastructure
  • Backup and archival workloads
  • Cost Management
  • Compliance management

Our Amazon web services are much more managed, reliable and consistent. It increases speed and agility for your applications on cloud server. We provide 24*7 service for 365 days.

Azure Service Consultant

Achieve Speed, Flexibility, Scalability, Affordability, Security With Our Azure Solutions.

Azure platform is used to build and deploy application in the virtual environment. Azure services is a business performance improvement framework that help clients to build, deploy and manage applications in the cloud. i.e. in all global datacentres. Our cloud solution gives the client a freedom to retrieve their data wherever they want at whichever time they require. Azure continuously support by updating the new patches in the system and install the OS.

Our Services
  • Customize Cloud Services
  • Cloud Management
  • Cloud Operations Management
  • Cloud governance
  • Hybrid Cloud Management
  • Manage a variety of platforms from a single console.
  • Enable high-precision analysis across different applications.
  • Unite cloud and enterprise management tools and processes.

Our cloud solution is cost savings, reduces complexities and help to gain control with a single window of governance. We guide client through each stages of Azure, whether it is knowledge transfer around identity and access management, virtual machines, development, data storage, recovery and pricing as well as long term Microsoft azure, managed services. We provide service assurance, release management, SLA management.

Azure Service Consultant

Cloud Migrations and Deployment

Embrace To Cloud Services For Rapid Business Growth.

Cloud Migrations and Deployment

Cloud migration helps to identify areas of risk, recognize opportunities to improve critical business functions. Our cloud migration and deployment strategy helps to move apps and processes to the cloud

Our cloud migration plan helps client to mitigate risk, improve performance and increase business growth. Our efficient cloud migration services helps to migrate data in all forms including email, file server, from a hosted environment or onsite server to a different data centre, without any risk of loss.

Cloud Migration Process Includes
  • Workflow Assessment

  • Technical Assessment

  • Cloud Environment development

  • Application deployment

  • Cloud Environment Test

  • Data Migration

  • Email Migration

  • Cloud environment testing with existing data

Our cloud architects have experience in azure cloud migration. They can implement proven processes, to rapidly and securely get to the cloud. Our agile approach focus on flawless integration minimizing the risks of cloud ecosystem. We ensure a seamless cloud experience, tools to optimize and streamline data collection and meet the rapidly changing market demands.

We provide cost effective, secure cloud migration solution that help to migrate data with proven encrypted technology and improve operational reliability.We ensure maintenance of security policies and critical links.

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Explore the breadth and depth of our portfolio to witness firsthand how we blend technical expertise with creative ingenuity to drive tangible results and propel our clients towards success.

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