Logistic App Integration

Looking to enhance supply chain management, process efficiency, and revenue generation ?

With our logistic App Integration solutions, increase visibility and streamline your logistic business.

Owing to the rise in adoption of mobile application, taking your logistics business online help to generate very crucial benefits like time-saving, increase accuracy, the warehouse can be managed in a very efficient manner. Our Logistics app integration services manage the bulk product, type of vehicle used, online booking tracking system, estimated time and cost of delivery to meet the increasing demand for efficient supply chain logistics.

You can increase the ROI of your logistics business with a mobile app in the following manner.

  • Real-time visibility of vehicle with GPS.
  • Route optimization for efficient fleet management.
  • Reduction of paperwork in the operations.
  • Streamline vehicle utilization with online booking of cargo.
  • Record of Driver’s Profile.
Logistics App Integration

WMS Integration

Our WMS system is designed to increase visibility, order management, reduces direct operational costs and increase overall revenue, it increases labor productivity by up to 40% and refines shipping accuracy to 5%. It efficiently processes the transaction in real-time, enable workers to enter data directly on mobile devices.WMS system provides better customer service and manages operational costs.

Our WMS can connect seamlessly with your customer’s system, direct integrations with leading shopping carts and marketplaces, accuracy across the warehouse with scanning. Print labels for best shipping rates within the WMS verify each order in real-time with the integration of smart pack solution. Rest API to handle custom integrations.Both B2C and B2B customers get up to date order information, including shipping and tracking details. They can have in-transit details from multiple shipping carriers and email notifications once an item is shipped.You can keep multiple systems in sync while ensuring you have a single version of the truth.

Logistics App Integration

TMS Integration

Logistics App Integration

You can make it easy to work together with different organizational units and companies in complex logistics networks, via web and mobile technologies. It ensures that customers, suppliers, partners, and other service providers are integrated into your processes. Forwarders can accept transport orders, record status reports and reserve time slots, the recipient can view shipping notifications, report back delivery confirmation.

TMS integrated with an ERP or ordering system greatly reduce manual entry. Information on pallet weights, PRO numbers and destinations can be automatically populated to reduce human error.

Returns Integration

Return is one of the logistics product, for parcel delivery for small retailers who want to send their products to multiple countries. A retailer can track their shipped items and all their return items are managed with this integration. The customer who wants to return their goods has to use the return portal, create a label and put the parcel to the nearest post office. Get the consistency, with returns integration and generate labels, refunds, and emails to save your time.

This open approach supports your international growth strategy and allows you to treat returns as a marketing promotion and tailor your approach for different markets. With our platform, you can offer a truly local, personalised approach to returns with full visibility of returns globally.You can now simply your returns policy by offering one platform and one customer journey that allows your buyer to see multiple carrier drop off locations in one google map, rather than having to go to separate platforms for each returns provider.

Logistics App Integration

Tracking Portal Integration

Logistics App Integration

It is a platform that connects sellers with retailers to give effortless tracking and take charge of delivery updates. It gives an insight into order at any given point in time. The customer gets visibility across multiple processes, get the details of the order from its initial placement right up until it arrives at their door.

It is possible to track bulk consignment, with a single common tracking id, merges the data across various carriers and proactively sends you update. It saves time and reduces manual efforts, process orders faster and efficiently.You can rapidly filter, view and export the data you need for orders individually or grouped. Every report has different filter options to help you export only the data you need. Regardless the data is within a specific date range or from a specific store or carrier account.It not only gives the ability to integrate all of your selling platforms and carrier accounts, but also make the entire order management and shipping experience simple.With just a few clicks you can spend more time selling and less time shipping.

Shopping Cart Integration

Nowadays shopping cart has become an essential tool for the eCommerce industry. Both vendors and buyers depend on such service to close the deal successfully.The integration of shopping cart helps the customer to select and reserve items for purchase before moving to check out. Our shopping cart integration gives flexible payment options and faster checkouts. Streamline the transaction process with the integration of merchant account with major shopping carts and get accurate reporting.

Customer can select the product, add it to the cart, calculate total expenses, remove items, and make purchase transaction in a secure and easy way. The store owners can add products, its images, description, maintain the inventory, ship orders, track and chart sales order, promote and market products to the customers worldwide.We provide you with the right tools to help you build an online store from scratch sell your products, services and even manage marketing tasks like sending emails, running a campaign and see which one is the best fit for your products.

Logistics App Integration

E-commerce Store Integration

Logistics App Integration

If you are looking to transform your customer’s interaction and stay competitive for your online business, we have a solution for it, with our eCommerce store integration you can increase your customer base and improve service, minimize your operating costs and create new market opportunities. As having vast experience and a profound understanding of how online security protocols works, we can design and develop a customized e-Commerce solution for your business.

The store owner can get its products related to data like categories, product attributes, and digital assets. A robust integration reads data feeds in real-time for new or updated products and ensure all the channels have the same version of the truth.

Our end to end, eCommerce solutions helps companies to significantly increase your ROI, feel free to Connect with Us Now for your logistics app integration requirement.