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Experience a cutting-edge healthcare ecosystem embracing digital advancement with SSTech System, a leading healthcare app development company operating in India and Australia. Leveraging the power of technology, we enhance every aspect of healthcare, including clinic management, operational efficiency, patient treatment, and diagnosis. Our healthcare app development solutions cater to doctors, patients, pharmacists, and hospital administrators, facilitating a seamless transition from traditional face-to-face interactions to a streamlined digital healthcare experience.

Our skilled developers build scalable healthcare solutions and engaging applications, benefiting both patients and practitioners. With advancing technology, medical practitioners can enhance patient relationships. Our robust, user-friendly healthcare and fitness applications simplify patient concerns on a single platform, saving time and costs for our clients’ core business growth.

Healthcare app development

Salient Features

Explore our health and fitness app’s engaging features that users will love.

Account Creation

Effortlessly create a profile and access the app through email or social media login.

Regulates Meals

Seamlessly add meals and effortlessly track all items with user-friendly simplicity.

Daily Progress

Keep track of your daily progress with a live status report for enhanced monitoring.

Social Sharing

Users experience a sense of fulfilment as they share their goals and achievements on social media through the app.

Daily Summary

Gain valuable insights and plan effectively by visualizing a comprehensive daily summary with graphs and statistics.


Optimize user experience by catering to their individual needs and assisting them in achieving their fitness goals.

Live Chat/Video

Elevate the user experience through seamless live chat integration, facilitating direct communication with nutrition or diet experts.

Pop Notification

Stay informed and up-to-date with all the latest additions to the application, ensuring users never miss a workout.

Activity Log

Effortlessly capture user activities, analyse performance, and adapt achievements and goals automatically.

Our Offerings

  • Web App

    User-friendly, mobile-responsive web app with appointment booking, patient portal, healthcare CMS, blog, reviews, and helpdesk.

  • Mobile App

    Robust healthcare solution with secure payments, online consultation, activity tracking, and audio-video messaging.

  • Medical Appointment

    Automate patient appointments, secure payments, in-built calendar & push notifications for clinics & practitioners.

  • Medical Chabot

    Virtual assistance for healthcare: reduce workload, enhance patient outreach, engagement & management (reminders, billing, and registration).

  • Lab App

    Efficiently handle patient appointments, push notifications, sample collection, email communication, and seamless access to share lab results and more.

Redefine Healthcare Services With Our Solutions
  • Hospital Management App

    Optimize and automate hospital activities with our cost-effective and reliable hospital management app solutions. Benefit from features such as patient administration, booking management, and operation theatre management systems, impressing hospital management with streamlined efficiency.

  • Medical Apps

    Boost operational activities: medical reminders, women’s health, disease-specific tools, data security, cloud storage, quick response.

  • Wellness Apps

    Explore fitness, lifestyle, stress management, diet & nutrition solutions with advanced features like web forums, Google Fit & Health Kit integration.

  • Health Monitoring Apps

    Easily monitor health metrics like sugar levels, blood pressure, heart rate, and more with our user-friendly interface and wearable configuration options.

  • Clinic Apps

    Easy online doctor appointments with patient management, quick report generation & payment handling.

Unlock the potential of your ideas with our professional web and mobile app solutions. Trust in our fully-equipped team to handle your healthcare project efficiently. Don’t wait any longer—contact us now via email or phone to get started.

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