Thinking of developing UBER for Trucking, read this

uber for trucking

UBER is giving tough competition to the taxis and other ride-hailing apps in the cities across the world and now to make the competition tougher, the company is planning to move into a much larger transportation market- UBER for trucking. The company is unveiling Uber Freight which is a new brokerage service connecting shippers and truckers through a new app. UBER for the trucking industry seems like a logical extension of the passenger transport business.

How Uber for Trucks Business Model Works?

The on-demand trucking business works in the same way as on-demand ride-hailing app works. Shippers and companies can use the mobile app to locate and book trucks and vans as per their requirements. Even carriers and vehicle owners receive bookings with the app and can send accept bookings using the app only.

Benefits Of UBER for Trucking App

uber for trucking

More control and enhanced tracking abilities: UBER for trucking will give maximum benefit to the truck owners as using the app; they will be able to track their trucks and would know the exact location of their truck drivers with the GPS integrated into the systems. They can connect the systems with routes, and set the speed limits, as being done by the cab drivers. This will help them to limit the speed along with knowing whether the trucks are headed towards the right destination or not. UBER for trucking companies will be highly beneficial and ensures smoother delivery of goods from one place to another.

Much more efficient system: On-demand trucking companies’ will be able to locate their drivers’ location and other details and the app will also offer deep insights on the capacity being utilized by the freight company and the number of trucks that are kept ideal. This way, the truck companies can ensure the effective utilization of the available resources and will be able to manage the capacity and lower the cost while increasing efficiency.

Easy to get new requests: UBER for trucking will be beneficial for the drivers as well as they will be able to manage their rides and get new requests from the app. The app will allow the drivers to utilize their time effectively and they can earn even more with this new application.

Performance tracking becomes easier: The drivers and the truck owners can keep a close eye on the performance of the drivers, their earning, their rating and other important details. Even the messages from the clients will also be mentioned on the app thus making it easier for the drivers and owners to know why the customer was satisfied or dissatisfied.

Now UBER is much familiar name in the transportation industry and with the introduction of UBER for trucking app for the freight industry, it means lower expenses, improved visibility across a company’s entire supply chain, and most importantly, prevents trucks from moving empty thus wasting time and fuel as well.

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