Why hiring dedicated developers makes sense for your Next Project?

dedicated developers

Do you aim to achieve one-upmanship in your industry? Do you work on increasing your business efficiency? Is it feasible to do a project in a limited time with your current resources? What is the biggest challenge of every offshore startup founder? Finding cost-effective developers, as offshore developers’ annual salary for a senior engineer is pretty expensive. Well, it is over $100K. If you own a small start-up and cannot compete with progressive countries like Britain, the US in terms of salary, consider hiring dedicated developers.

For many established businesses and start-ups, the first things that come to their mind are offsite development, when a new business idea hit off their mind. Hiring remote developers has proven to work wonders for many companies worldwide. It will reduce your work and labor costs and allow you to focus on your core competence.

Many companies go for offsite development due to the cost efficiency, flexibility and quality if offers, so hiring dedicated developers makes perfect sense and has a positive ROI. So let’s take a deep dive into hiring remote employee benefits.

In Case When You Need To Hire Many Dedicated Developers Urgently.

Suppose your start-up has entered into another venture round. Now with more funding, you need to scale the team quickly. And hiring 20 new local employees at a time is extremely difficult.

First, you need to look for them, hire and train them and only in about three months, you’ll get their results. The whole process can cost you a lot of time and money, there is no way your new local developers can get to work in a limited time frame. You don’t forget that managing a large in house software development team is not a cakewalk. This is where hiring cost-effective developers seem to be a perfect solution to the problem.


  • Time Saves On Recruitment

    Hiring an IT professional can consume a lot of time. But if your outsourcing agency partner helps you with assembling and managing the team for your project, all you’re left to do is enjoy the results without having to bother with the process. In this manner, you can even hire a dedicated team of developers in a single business day.

  • Quick Start Of The Project

    Hiring a dedicated developer is flexible, which means they can commence working on your project much faster than their in house peers.

  • Save More Money

    Staying in the limit to their budget is vital for big companies, as well as budding start-ups. Hiring dedicated developers can help you save considerable sums or at least keep your expenses within limits thanks to the reasonable cost of remote development.

When You Have Limited Time And Budget.

If your company is an early-stage start-up and you need to develop an MVP avoiding missteps at all costs? And just one month is left to present it in front of the potential venture investors? What do you do then?

It makes perfect sense to extend the existing team with new developers. But hiring in-house is off the table as the recruitment process is cost and time consuming and you have had your share of a bad experience when working with freelancers who were unreliable and felt like a security threat. If your start-up has limited time and funds, hire dedicated developers, as it will save you money because dedicated developers usually charge less and save your time on recruitment. You will get highly qualified professionals to build your MVP just in time.


  • Time-Saving

    Hiring the best developer is super-fast in terms of onboarding, which is crucial if you have a strict deadline for the project. You know that the faster your product enters the market, the better it is for your start-up.

  • Retained Quality

    When working with a dedicated team, it means hiring a skilled and professional workforce in the domain. That’s why the quality of your final product will be spectacular. You can get help from niche experts when you need them. Chances are they have already worked on a similar problem for another customer and know how to implement the solution.

You Need To Implement Specific Technology.

dedicated developers

If you’re in house software developers don’t know how to implement specific technology (for e.g. chatbots) and if you are thinking of ways to bridge this skill gap. Hire in the house is not an option as you probably won’t have any other work for them to do once the task is completed. Machine learning specialists are expensive and hard to find. In this case, it makes sense to increase your IT staff. A tech talent marketplace in search of the right candidate, contact the person you have selected and enjoyed all the additional customers your new Chatbot can handle.        

A Faster And Better Solution

If your current employees want to turn their career around and invest months in learning new technology. Let an offshore domain expert do the job. Your task may turn out to be a piece of cake due to their experience and they can deliver in time.

In A Nutshell

Offshore software development companies will keep resorting to hiring dedicated developers whenever they need to save money, find developers quickly or work with a niche technology. When you want talent and technology diversity as well as scalability, fit into tight time or budget limits or implement a feature that requires niche skills and flexibility, hiring development teams offsite is better than altering an in-house software development team.

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