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There has been rapidly rise of outsourcing over the past decade with companies from various industries enjoy its benefits. Businesses are now aware about the complexities and problems involved in developing apps in house, or those unable to make long-term commitments should go for hiring dedicated developers. By hiring dedicated developers from India, one gets access to technology, knowledge, experience as well as the architecture necessary to complete even the most complex app project in a short span of time.Hired dedicated developers from Ahmedabad India, for your business to develop anything from a website to a mobile app. The entire team works on your project only with detailed attention. The complexity involved in developing apps in house is solved by dedicated developers. It makes work simple and easy for companies who are not looking to employ developers or do not want to make long term commitments.

Hire Dedicated Developers-Sstech system

Hire Dedicated Developers from SSTECH SYSTEM

  • Skilful Talented Team

    Get a chance to choose the most optimistic and passionate talent pool of offshore developer. You can save enough time building an in-house team of developers.

  • Cost-Effective

    Easy and quick on boarding of your virtual team turns out to be cost-effective as you can save on hiring staff, infrastructure. Offshore engineers are equipped with expertise and skills as their native counterparts is a smart way to cut back on operational costs without compromising on quality.

  • Agile and Adaptive Development

    Core benefit of hiring a dedicated development team is the level of agility it offer. You can keep your in-house workforce smaller and stay nimble by outsourcing your tech requirement to these teams. You can look at them as an extension of your on premise staff once you fully engage with them. The decision to hire remote developer from Australia can increase the efficiency of your new releases, tech migrations and other similar requirements while keeping your business operations agile. Keep your project running faster while lessening unwanted practices.

Hire Dedicated Developers-Sstech system
  • Absolute Project Control

    You can plan and develop the project as per your business needs, with a team of remote developers. The hired development team can work effortlessly with you for delivery and post deployment support. Our outsourcing model is supported by strong, frequent and open communication with client through Skype, Email, Microsoft Team, JIRA, Zoom to retain absolute control on the progress of a project. These interactions and brainstorming sessions are essential in maintaining transparency, enhance productivity and make the workflow smoother.

  • Full stack of Services

    Get end to end solutions for your product development needs. And have grasp on following services.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    Be rest assured of quick turnaround times and timely deliveries. Team working on projects work in completely optimized environments that are geared to support smooth completion of projects in a time bound manner. Our outsourced team can work on any project like well-oiled machinery and deliver it in much shorter time frames.

  • More Attention On Business

    On hiring a dedicated development team, you get a team of project managers, designers and developers. Our offshore team ensure delivery and quality of software, while you can pay more attention to your business.

  • Reliable Support

    Our dedicated development team’s job doesn’t end at designing, developing and delivering the product to you. They also offer competent support services during and after its implementation in your system.

Our Hiring Models

With many years of experience SSTech System has proven as top web and mobile development company in Australia and India with best custom services, high-quality and efficient deliverable. We work closely with our clients to deliver good result as per their expectations.The client can choose a particular engagement model as per their requirements and convenient work pattern.


Do you have unstructured or unfamiliar projects which haven’t been fully scoped? Then hourly rates are the good choice, they are conventional and easy to secure.

  • No Hidden Cost
  • Monthly Payment
  • Clear Time Frame
  • Ideal for Small Projects

Fixed Price

Do you have a clear idea of what you want to build, that includes the capability and performance of the final product? Then go for a fixed price model.

  • No Hidden Cost
  • Pre-defined Milestone
  • Project Based Pricing
  • No Active Client’s Participation

Dedicated Team

Do you want to scale up rapidly, without project workload burden, then go for dedicated team? Achieve highest level of productivity.

  • No Hidden Cost
  • Part Time/Full Time
  • Monthly Invoice
  • Overhead Reduction

At SSTech System we ensure top notch quality right from the start. We evaluate your business goals, address the issues that need to be fixed before developing the solutions. Get a superior experience with our expert’s ideas. Optimize your ROI to a large extent working with skilled and highly qualified IT professionals at affordable rates.

Focus on your key areas of expertise, while at the same time, the dedicated team helps you grow technologically with undivided attention to your project they work on. Contact us today .

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Explore the breadth and depth of our portfolio to witness firsthand how we blend technical expertise with creative ingenuity to drive tangible results and propel our clients towards success.

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