Grocery App Development – Your Complete Guide

Grocery App Development

With the growth of mobile usage and the internet, people love to buy things online whether it is clothes, household items, groceries, medicines, learning skills, paying the bill, and many other things. Buying groceries can become a tedious job, go to the market every day, wait in long queues to buy the same items, for payment, carry the heavy items in hand and then come back home, can be a monotonous exercise. The concept of grocery app development came into existence to save the shoppers from the hassle of this daily parade and bring some comfort into their lives, convenience of seamless shopping, without even stepping out of the house.

On-Demand Grocery App Development: A true blessing for online shoppers!

Grocery App Development

In the present scenario, entrepreneurs are showing keen interest in setting up an online grocery store and creating their grocery delivery app, as there are ample opportunities to thrive. In this pandemic situation, Grocery app development for retailers is the need of the hour, to reduce the difficulties faced by people in getting essential groceries. Get a smooth and convenient shopping experience, with Grofers like grocery app from SSTech System, the fastest-growing grocery app development company in India and Australia. It helps businesses to grow their brand awareness and get customer loyalty.

Why there is a rise in demand for grocery app development?

  • Easy mobility

    The shopper gets all the items delivered in time at their doorstep. The app acts as a bridge between the buyer and the retailer.

  • Busy work schedule

    Long and strenuous working hours do not leave most people with much time to visit the market. The app saves time with on-the-go purchases.

  • Timely delivery

    On-time delivery eased out the worries of running out of stock at home. The user can easily track their delivery.

How To Develop a Grocery Delivery Mobile App?

Mobile app development

In today’s time, you can order everything, with the tap of your finger. Whether you have to order food, book a cab, or go shopping. It is done with just a few taps on the mobile phone. People prefer to order their regular grocery items online and demand is continuously increasing and will spur the market to higher growth. It is expected that by 2022 the online grocery market will reach a valuation of a whopping $ 133.8 billion. The shift of shopping trends has increased the demand for grocery delivery businesses as well as grocery delivery mobile app development solutions. It gives a great opportunity for start-ups, traditional grocery stores, and tech companies to invest in their grocery delivery mobile app development projects. You can take your grocery store online with a big basket like a grocery app.

How to create a grocery shopping app?

You need to explore various aspects of supermarket grocery app development, that includes, a reason to invest in grocery delivery mobile app development, how the app works, different types of grocery apps, aggregator and dedicated grocery delivery apps, business model, current market leaders in the segment of grocery delivery app, general/advance features of the app, technology stack, architecture, required team structure to create a grocery shopping app, cost to create a grocery delivery mobile app, reputation of the development partner, geolocation of the app development team, timeline & team size, MVP or full-fledged grocery delivery app, selection grocery app development service company is vital.

Features loved by the users in online grocery delivery app

Grocery App Development

The following amazing feature makes the shopping experience the great one.

  • Simple and easy login

    An individual account for each user, they can log in to their account with their email id, or registered mobile phone number.

  • Customer Profile

     The customer profile will include the name, location, and phone number of the user.

  • Maps for tracking

     Online live tracking to track the delivery boy on his way to the location. The user can guide him in case, there is a problem locating the address.

  • Notifications

    The user and delivery executive will get the notifications and alerts, to have an idea about the status of the delivery and the items.

  • Simple booking

    The users can easily choose the items and book their order with a simple UI.

  • Varied payment options

     The user will avail of different payment options; this will not delay the payment. It can range from cash on delivery, credit or debit cards, e-wallet to others.

  • Customer support

    Customer support executive to sort the customer’s problem efficiently.

Customer App

An application makes things easier for the consumers, with easy navigation, intuitive UX/UI. We keep in mind the comfort of the user. In our grocery apps we include:

  • Easy onboarding

    Hassle-free customer sign-in options, to make things easy for the user.

  • Item categories 

    A proper section on the items and their categories for easy sorting and choosing the items.

  • Quick Search

    The user can look for the exact items they want with the help of a quick search option. It saves time in scrolling through all the products.

  • Order history

    The customer can view their previous orders and products they have purchased.

  • Order and reordering of products

    Customers have the option to place an order, reorder the older order, and add items when missed.

  • Geo IP location

    Easy identification of the geographical IP location.

  • Preferences of delivery, date, day, and time

     These options help users to receive the order on their availability.

  • QR Scan 

    It provides easy access to the users.

  • Add to Cart

    The shopper can easily add items in their cart and keep a track of products they want.

  • Push notification 

    Any new offers and discounts are notified to the users.

  • Secure modes of payments 

    Ensure secure payments through e-wallet, bank account, debit and credit cards, Paypal, Google Pay, etc. payment through digital wallets are on the rise.

  • Automatically logged out

     If the user forgets to or does not log out within that specific time, they will be logged out automatically.

  • Social media login

    To keep a track of all the ids for different accounts gets difficult. We provide the option of social media login to make things easier for the user.

  • Delivery Tracking

     This option will keep the user alert about the estimated time of delivery, with GPS the user will locate the delivery person.

  • Social sharing

    The user can share the apps on their social media accounts with this feature.

  • Wish list

    The user can add their favorite items using promo codes when it is restocked or price drops.

  • Rating and reviews

    After each delivery, the customer can give ratings and reviews of the delivery experience.

Admin Web Panel

  • Order management 

    This feature helps you to easily handle all the placed orders.

  • Sub-admin creation

    Admin can create sub-admins to fasten the process.

  • Store management

    Admin can keep a check on all the stores that sell their products.

  • Product management

    it helps admins to manage the inventory.

  • Transaction History 

    All the transaction history to date can be accessed by the admin.

  • Content management

    Admins can manage the contents of different pages.

  • Reports and analytics

     It generates reports and analytics at regular intervals.

  • Interactive dashboard

    Functioning of the application becomes easy.

  • Real-time analytics

    Admin can fetch real-time analytics at any time.

  • Customer management

    admin can manage customers’ activities.

  • Product list management

    Keep track and easily handle product lists.

  • Payment management 

    Admin can manage payments with the help of this feature.

  • Items and category upload/alteration 

    Replacement/change or re-stocked items is done with the supervision of the management.

  • Multiple Items by single store

     Choose items based on the demands to be on the panels as decided by the management.

  • Reviews & Ratings

    Keep a track of the customer’s feedback; it is to be administered by the management, so they know about the expectations of the customers. It will give them a clue about their performance.

  • Promotions and offers

    The management introduce new products and promotional offers. The percentage of the revenue is decided by them.

  • Elegant profile management

     Profiles of esteemed customers can be tracked by the admin. So privileged customers can be given priority services and offers.

Delivery Boy Panel

  • Order alerts 

    The delivery person must be aware of order cancellation, placing, and delivery.

  • Reviews and ratings

     To maintain a good customer base, the delivery executive is also given an option to rate the user.

  • Earnings

    The executive gets a commission for each delivery. Customers can also add tips for the executive. These will be reflected in the earnings option.

  • Payments

    The delivery person can see what the user’s chosen mode of payment is as he will be delivering the order.

  • Order history

     The delivery person will get a preview of the order placed and the items to be delivered.

  • GPS Navigation

     The delivery address will be easily located by the executive with the help of GPS navigation.

Advanced Features

To increase app performance and user experience, we also integrate some advanced features, in our grocery apps.

  • Seller App

    The sellers can manage the sales through this additional app.

  • Dedicated Interface

    It helps to manage the functions of the app with minute precision.

  • Realtime orders from stores 

    The admins can place on-demand orders with the help of this feature.

  • Live to track

    The user can track their purchase and order delivery status in real-time.

  • Multiple orders

    Single user can place multiple orders at the same time.

  • Contact delivery boy

    you can share the contact details of the delivery boy with the user.

  • Invoice generation

     The user can generate an online invoice for the purchase after the delivery is done.

  • E-Wallet 

    The user can integrate e-wallets with the application to carry out easy transactions.

  • In-app chat 

    In case of any query the user can chat with customer support.

  • Customized offer zone

    A customized offer zone can be created for the users based on their purchase history.

  • Featured products

    They can be listed on the top or on the banner to get higher visibility.

  • Real-time orders from stores

    The admins can place on-demand orders through this feature.

Grocery delivery app development cost

Grocery delivery app development cost

The following expenses are to be covered for building an online grocery app.

  • App development team 

    The online grocery app development cost, will vary from company to company based on their experience and popularity. Hire experienced developers, as app development requires a lot of expertise and skills.

  • UI/UX designs and layouts 

    The advanced designs and layouts for an attractive app will cost extra. The basic and cheaper grocery delivery app design might serve the purpose but may not be quite effective.

  • Registration charges 

    To get prominence and recognition, this amount has to be paid. You have to pay a considerable amount to get a patent. It will keep your grocery app All of these will keep your grocery app away from legal hassles and copyright issues.

  • Grocery delivery app development platform 

    If your grocery app works on a single platform, then it will not turn out to be costly. But for cross platforms like Android and iOS then the charges will be higher.

  • Documentation and security payments 

    You need to get your documents and paperwork for the app done well, not to leave any loopholes, and also make the security payments an important feature so that the data and the personal details of the users are secure.

There might be other miscellaneous expenses and cost to build the app, this might occur once the work of the grocery app development makes progress, so you need to make a budget before you delve deeper.

Technologies to be used

Grocery App Development

  • Backend proper programming

    It strengthens the app to work smoothly and act as a spinal cord, go for excellent programming at the backend for the best grocery app solution.

  • Coding language

    Choosing the best coding language will help in the regulation of the services of the app.

  • Interface

    The users must get a clear visual of the grocery app. It is the main motive of developing a grocery app. Your app can go for a toss unless this is fulfilled.

  • App operating platform

    Android is the most user-friendly platform and is mainly used to make these apps work. You can still opt for others as per your budget.

  • Testing and deployment

    A proper testing need to be done before the app goes live. The developer team will check the flaws and the drawbacks on which they will work. The final stage is the most critical one because this gives the team a chance to make changes.

This gives you a clear-cut picture of all the aspects of a grocery app development, however, there might be more at the back of your mind. Infuse all the ideas before your grocery delivery app begins its journey

If you are looking for a ready-made grocery app, to manage orders and track deliveries, then get in touch with us now to kick start your online grocery store today. We have a one-stop customize solution for your business, with multiple payment gateways 3rd party integrations, add-ons and easy integration, cost-effective, affordable pricing, 24*7 client support, and much more.