Must Have Features to Consider in Transport App Development

Transport App Development

Transport App development is the future when we consider that many entrepreneurs want to increase their presence in different geographic locations. Logistics and transportation app development has captured the hearts of users because of their simplicity, time-saving, affordability, accessibility, and convenience on the go. It has been a profitable solution for businesses that have already mastered the technology. We are slowly and gradually moving towards space where purchases are tailor-made, convenient, and on-demand. Customers want to customize their choices and demand goods and services at the time, place, and price they prefer. The vast and gigantic market of transportation embraces the culture of transport web, mobile app development, an excellent e.g. of ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft. It is not a surprise that the transportation industry invests heavily in trucking logistics apps.

Transport App Development – Let’s Understand

Transport App Development

Transportation and logistics mobile app development offer users with live navigation tips for their transport issues. It is a customized solution for all the inconveniences that were traditionally faced by transporters or customers.

The transportation industry has faced many problems like time consumption, manual intervention, paperwork, proof of delivery, etc. This leads to the building of logistics and transportation web and app development, which is a breakthrough. The logistics and transportation operations are widespread and contribute millions to the economy. As per the research, it is expected to reach a market size of $12,256 billion by the end of 2022. So there is an opportunity for a logistics app development agency to build mobile applications.

Best On-Demand Transportation App Development & Solutions

The logistics and transports business is fully dependent on inventories that are either at the warehouse or in transit. Manual tracking will diminish a lot of time and effort, plus goods in transit are hard to track unless you are in continuous touch with the driver over the call.

Thus transportation and logistics mobile apps development could do wonders and become a one-stop remedy for all transportation and logistics-related problems. There will be less paperwork and manual intervention required with the help of mobile applications, and the questions of proof of deliveries will automatically be resolved.

It becomes a need to have an app for the logistics business as the customers would be expecting Transport App Development Services that they want to offer, and failing to offer mobile app could result in losing customers.

The app development for the logistics & transport industry deals with mainly two parties i.e. customers and Drivers. Both stakeholders are accountable for the successful running of the transportation industry. The different features need to be designed and developed as per the parties’ own set of tasks. The managing and handling of operations require an admin, which is the transportation and logistics company itself. So developing an uber freight app requires three panels let’s have a look at the features.

Transportation App Features

Transportation App Features

Admin Panel

  • Dashboard

    A screen from where an admin can keep an eagle’s eye on various activities. The entire management is overlooked by the admin. He can have a look at the incoming orders, dispatched and delivered orders. The admin can also track the drivers and fleet anytime with the help of GPS technology.

  • Fleet management

    It is one of the crucial features of transport app development. The admin can know the real-time location of their fleet. He can guide the drivers with the shortest possible routes and easily connect with the drivers through apps.

  • GPS and Navigation

    GPS tracking functionality can aid drivers by showing them possible routes and also traffic data, it also allows customers to see arrival updates in real-time. It helps in tracking, monitoring, navigation, and managing fleet movements. In this rapidly changing world transportation has become the priority, GPS tracker can attract more people, and transport app development simplifies the planning of the user’s logistics.

  • Driver’s Management

    In the logistics business, the majority of staff members include drivers. Admins manage driver’s profiles, by gathering the information of their drivers. The information includes name, phone number, address, license number, allotted vehicle, etc. Apart from this assigning vehicles or changes in wages can also be made from the same screen.

  • Chat Functionality

    Admins will be in constant touch with their drivers and customers. If the customer or driver is in the middle of a difficulty, then the chat feature would resolve it in real-time.

  • Income and Expenditure Management

    The logistics business would have much expenditure and it becomes important to manage all the transactions. Admins are accountable for approval and disapproval of driver’s expenses, toll tax, fuel charges, etc. All rights of income and expenditure will be reserved by the admin.

  • Push Notifications

    Push notifications opening rate is over 90% that is more than that of emails. A real-time notification can be sent to users, such as unexpected interruptions, delays, emergencies, traffic jams, new construction, etc. It allows you to engage better with your users, therefore, they can further plan their schedules. Customers can get continuous updates on their orders and transit. It can also send driver details, invoices, and deliver status. It offers users real-time updates and you can create a brand reminder that results in indirect marketing to online users.

  • Order Tracking

    It is a most inevitable feature of the transport app development, the user prefers it because of the transparency it offers. With the help of the device’s geolocation features, the user should be able to track the order progress and its location in real-time.

  • Order History

    Transport app development solutions allow you to automate a lot of things and order histories are crucial parameters to execute this. Apart from assisting users to quickly take a look at their order histories and reorder things, this touchpoint is also convenient to bring in automation and reorder some of the most commonly purchased items.

  • Reviews and Ratings

    Customers are heavily influenced by the reviews left by other consumers, so reviews and ratings are crucial in pushing sales. Online business is all about credibility and there is nothing more credible than reviews to drive sales and take corrective measures.

  • Schedules and Offline Routes

    The Transport App Development, is viewed as a pleasure for all regular commuters who follow a fixed route, locations, and stations. It offers an offline display of schedules and routes, so they can plan their journey in offline mode.

  • M2M Communication

    A machine to machine communication that helps the admin to know the status and condition of the vehicle remotely.

Customer Panel

Customer Panel

  • Sign Up

    Easy and simple registration process to become an app member. Social media integration to attract more customers and save them a lot of time. Through this the app owner would be able to fetch the name, email ID, social media account details of customers.

  • Notify Users

    The user will get alerts at various intervals for booking, receiving invoices, order dispatch, and delivery. This feature can be used to send the updated status of the driver and vehicle.

  • Payment Gateway

    This feature focuses on payment through the app by eliminating the hassle to carry cash. It allows customers to pay through plastic cards, mobile wallets, Paypal, etc.

  • Monitoring/Tracking

    Customer feels safe and secure with tracking the order feature. It boosts the relationship and builds trust in the minds of the customer. An on-time tracking gives an idea to the customer about the estimated time of delivery and driver location.

  • Feedback and Suggestions

    The feedback feature is important for the logistics and transportation industry. The experience and areas of improvement shared by the customers could turn a simple app into the best transportation app.

Driver Panel

Driver Panel

  • Registration

    The registration feature for the driver is important. The drivers are supposed to sign up by email, phone number, or through social media.

  • Driver’s Profile

    The admin can add the driver’s profile and there is a feature on the driver’s panel as well. He/she can also be able to add/edit their details manually in the app. The information is stored in the app’s backend.

  • Product Delivery Screen

    It will show the newly allotted product to deliver with the shipping address, customer name, and phone number. The drivers can see a list of scheduled and upcoming deliveries with specific information on the dashboard. This will help them to plan their delivery and dispatch the order on time.

  • Proof of Delivery

    The job of the driver is simplified and there is no risk at all as traditionally, delivery guys were held responsible in case of the theft of the product. The driver needs to capture a photo, ask for a signature, or scan a barcode to justify it as proof of delivery. The app’s backend will automatically store the data.

  • Push Notifications

    Push notification helps customers to know the order status whether it is dispatch or in transit, it also helps drivers to know assigned orders, alteration in scheduled orders, a message from customer or admin. No need to open an app as it notifies the driver about anything important from the notification bar itself.

Transport & logistics app development company brings versatile solutions to extend the reach of the customers and regions. Stay in tune with the latest upgrade in the technology shift and invest in transport app development to get a great push to your future endeavors.

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