Benefits of Logistics Accounting Software for Transportation Companies

Logistics accounting software

Are you thinking to automate your financial operations? Then go for logistics accounting software it’s a vital need in today’s era. Businesses can manage their budget more efficiently, with the accounting software. For utilizing the accounting software for logistics and transportation, you should first understand how it works and how it can benefit your business.

Logistics accounting software company manages multi-currency accounting practices. Key business insights from reports, cost center analysis, customer outstanding, reduces expenses with department wise profitability, and tide over the current business situation. Balance sheet and pending payments. Logistics ERP solution is a complete financial accounting package.

Manage your finances easily with Logistics accounting software

To manage finance and accounting in a logistics company is a very complex process, especially for those having multiple branches across countries. The accounting process becomes even more complex in the transportation and logistics industry. Here there is a high chance of manual errors occurring while entering the freight invoice details. You can automatically tally income and expenses on a button click, and there should be a provision to capture the complete order related expenses without any errors.

So it is pretty clear that you can’t be using MS Excel or similar spreadsheets to manage the same and expect productivity improvements. Companies wanting to stay competitive when the fleet and utilization are low need to implement the best logistics accounting software for the logistics business.


  • Voucher Entry & Cash transfers

  • Cash and bank accounts management

  • Revenue and expense tracking account wise

  • Multi-Currency Switch easily

  • API integrations with third-party applications

  • Trial balance and balance sheet

  • Profit and loss reports

  • Cashbook and ledger wise reports

  • Receipt and payment approval systems

  • Trip payment status


  • Voucher Processing

  • Accurate accounting of revenue and expenses

  • Track inbound payments and pending dues from suppliers

  • You get alerts on payment default after the credit period

  • You can effectively monitor of user-generated payment/receipt vouchers cashier management.

  • Complete control of cash management

  • Trip based accounts management

  • Track driver expense usage and initiate settlement

  • You can take financial decisions based on comprehensive reports on cash flows and cash balances.

Logistics accounting software for logistics companies gives them full control of the health of their business finances. It is a web-based multi-currency and multi-branch feature, that includes all major functionalities including job costing, general ledger functions, operational costs, due payments, and many more. You can easily monitor, manage, and control branches across countries with timely reporting features.

In the recent uncertain economic scenario, logistics and transport companies should adopt business improvement techniques to enhance logistics functional performance and gain truck operations control. In the new normal framework, your competitiveness depends on how efficiently you handle the supply chain operations and what you do to get the ultimate logistics customer experience.

Efficient Fleet Management and Operations Control

Logistics companies lack a clear digital vision, strategy, and adopt a cheap legacy system for their operations. They fail to connect their strategic operational, technological, and people related capabilities, and often fail to incorporate partners in their business models to create customer value. The fundamentals of logistics transport operations are operations control and management. It helps logistics companies to organize a cost-effective delivery, warehouse storage process, and centralize logistics operations.Fleet Management Features

Fleet Management Software Features

  • Consignment booking

  • Order quotation, order preparation, and real-time status update for each trip.

  • Scheduling of trucks its route and dispatch

  • You can manage the expenses of the driver, maintenance, and fuel.

  • Online proof of delivery ensuring contactless transactions

  • Track truck running status and truck location

  • Real-time updates on physical shocks to cargo

  • You can monitor and measure the deviations of climatic conditions within the cargo

  • Track and suggest nearby consignment in case of empty trip returns

  • Capture demurrage in case of delays

  • Capturing mileage shortage upon trip closing

  • Checklist of vehicle maintenance before and after each trip

  • The defined system based communications with customs authorities

  • Monitor and measure the variation of climatic conditions within the cargo.

  • Track and suggest nearby consignments in case of empty trip returns.

  • Capture demurrage in case of delays

  • Capturing mileage shortage upon trip closing

  • Have a vehicle maintenance checklist before and after each trip.

  • The defined system based communications with customs authorities

  • Get automatic email alerts to customers and the workforce at different levels of operation.

Fleet Management software benefits

Order Management

  • You can have real-time visibility in order processing for customers and work-force.

  • Less hectic and error-free order quotation cost calculations.

  • Get a complete mapping of order details without missing details.

  • Effectively manage sub-contractors and partners.

  • Management control over discount requests and approvals.

  • No room for manipulations as the user activity log is closely monitored.

Trip Details

  • 24/7 logistics control tower-truck and cargo tracing.

  • You can optimize costs through predefined route based allocation of expenses.

  • You can have an automatic selection of trailers and containers based on commodity type.

  • Clear cut payment and settlement methods for all involved parties.

  • Trip safety through validations and checklists

Border Clearance

  • Significant reduction in border delays

  • You can have an automatic email with document attachments fired to border clearance agents immediately after order entry.

  • Accurate issue of expenses on border permits, taxes, etc.

Driver Expense Management

  • Systemized expense management reducing revenue leakage.

  • You can have an automatic calculation of driver expenses and recovery against a trip.

The Operational Flow

Fleet management solutions have operations control and management as one of its major modules. The solution offers a standardized logistics operational flow and captures logistics operational activities under one roof. Start with order quotation or capture order entry directly, our smart logistic solutions are perfectly aligned with the goal of achieving smooth logistics operations.

Order Entry

With a sequence of master entries including the efficiently captures route master and the customer rates, the order entry form becomes a simple exercise. The user can easily select the load type. A host of other important features with customers, the number of loads/co-loads, loading and drop off points. Niche capturing of container load data ensures more safety and easy container tracking.

Assigning the trip against an order

AssigningNeeds proper approval and acceptance at every stage of the operational entries. Assign the trip against the order, once the order is entered. Date and time are scheduled for the trip start along with details such as the horse and trailers on which the cargo needs to go, driver details, etc. There is a sequence of checks before the vehicle can be dispatched. Pre-clearance documents can be processed effectively and automatically issue driver expenses as per the configured framework. Real-time order and truck status are communicated via the customer portal.

Tracking the truck

Once the cargo is dispatched, then the customer can track the status with the customer module. The logistics operations team can know the current location of the assigned truck with the help of GPS, in the fleet management software.

In order to ensure driver and customer safety through contactless deliveries, an online POD mechanism is used. A system based hold up charge calculations prevents unidentified revenue leakage. Once updated customers can view online invoices in real-time and ensure reduced delay in their payments. The system alerts nearby orders for transportation and the operations team can easily add another trip leg to avoid empty running. Driver expenses and provisions are settled effectively.

Financial management system ensures accurate operational and financial insights for right decision making on time. It ensures data can be accessed from anywhere, anytime with a cloud-hosted application. With the help of an insightful management dashboard, analyze your company performance matrix across relevant logistics, warehouse & transportation parameters instantly.

Reports and alerts

Logistics accounting software for freight forwarders is equipped with a host of standardized reports related to trip control, delays, fuel issued, missing POD, driver bonus, HR recovery, performance matrix, etc. Customized logistic reports can be configured based on the user’s perspective. In addition that Automatic alerts can be configured in case of any abnormalities in the smooth process of logistics operations.

Logistic invoicing difficulties, if not addressed at the right time adds to the overall invoice processing complexity. Thereby verified and assured invoices are a critical aspect of the overall logistics process. A systematic invoice management system makes certain customer visibility in freight invoices and complete transparency to management to avoid any business losses.

Digital invoice

Digital invoiceLogistics accounting software offers invoice management that can effectively handle customer invoices in a systematic manner. This centralized invoice processing system combines each and every logistic invoicing detail, additional costs, credit/debit notes, demurrage charges, etc. to be managed in a trip. Standardized invoicing arrangements avoid any fraudulent activity within invoicing that has huge potential to bring down the overall business profitability. All types of logistic invoice reports can be easily configured and generated.

Invoice management software also keeps up logistic companies’ back office as well as accounting functions through data availability and timely communications.


  • Paperless invoices with historical data backup.

  • Built-in customer rates based on the route, commodity, and defined parameters.

  • Consolidated Invoice Reports

  • Get automated alerts on operational metrics, invoice status, and payment information

  • Centralized system integrating all freight invoicing details

  • Have real-time insights on invoices to customers and operational team

  • Accurately track demurrages of each trip

  • Proper notifications on pending invoice approvals

  • Multi-lingual invoice generation capability.

  • Easily manage credit and debit notes

Benefits Of Going Digital

Going Digital

  • Put an end to paper works and initiates faster invoice processing

  • You can gain transparency & control through a centralized invoice system

  • Optimum accuracy for invoice entries

  • Eliminate costly invoicing errors

  • Reduce revenue leakage

  • Proper checks on invoicing manipulations and frauds

  • Complete visibility on outstanding for on-time invoice payment

  • Improve customer satisfaction through structured invoicing methodologies

  • Effective data coordination with finance and back-office departments

If you desire a good logistics accounting software for the transportation business that is highly flexible and should align with operational and process changes, then get in touch with us now.