Ecommerce Websites Are Evolve Into Mobile Shopping Apps.

Mobile Shopping Apps

In today’s era there is a boom in smartphone users that is pushing online retailers to shift it to mobile shopping Apps as it is preferable by people to shop online because it is convenient. Access to the phone is much easier, push a few buttons and make a purchase than logging into an account on a desktop. As per the expectation smartphone user are likely to increase from 2.32 billion this year to 2.87 billion by 2020.

Mobile Ecommerce development are capturing the market, gaining many users and racking up considerable profits.

Now a days customers prefer Mobile Shopping Apps over a website due to following reasons.

Purchases are faster and easier with mobile apps than a mobile website. Android, iOS applications makes everything automatic from payment to checkout. Payment with mobile apps becomes easier, scanning your credit card, or by digital wallets. Transaction can be done easily by the customers.

Mobile application development has improved flexibility for its users. Stable internet connection gives less connectivity issues. Smartphones features like Bluetooth, GPS and the Phone’s camera can be used in mobile apps. It is easier to navigate mobile apps for E-commerce site than mobile website.

Engagement and reach among multiple channels have increased with mobile apps. During the movement also user can comfortably use the app to shop. High level of personalization can be achieved when shopping through mobile apps than mobile websites.

It gives personalised shopping experience to customers by sending push notifications.

Collection of data from the user will be easier with mobile apps to understand their behaviour better.

Further personalize the shopping experience of mobile app users with the help of mobile analytics tools.

Most of the customers tend to spend 3 to 4 times longer in mobile apps than desktops.

Lowest shopping cart abandonment rate with mobile apps -20%, desktops-68%, mobile sites-97%.

Twice as much money is spend by customers on mobile apps than on desktops or mobile sites.

Customers return to a mobile ecommerce app within thirty days than to desktop.

The average order value is 140% higher on mobile apps than mobile sites and 130% higher than on desktops.

Mobile apps are highly optimized, personalized and well-designed which helps in acquiring and retaining the customers. Customers can purchase their goods without the hustle and bustle.

Previous orders can be saved in the app which saves time by getting customers to the checkout quicker.

Customers are not tied to the working hours and locations due to accessibility of shopping from anywhere 24/7.

Pages load faster in mobile application than a responsive website.

In retail business, second count, if the site takes more than 3 seconds to load most visitors will leave the site. Chances of turning to competitors are more

Even on offline mode the best ecommerce applications provide users with the basic functionality to compare products and to check prices.

The ecommerce apps helps to create a solid loyal audience for your company.

Strong engagement and connection can be built with mobile apps by integrating popular social media platforms, and let the customers discuss your products and services. Social networks are powerful tools to build your brand’s reputation, drawing the attention of potential clients that leads to better conversion rate and advertising your service.

Mobile users can save money with amazing opportunities to get discounts and giveaways. Interaction with site increases on regular basis.

Mobile applications are more flexible and user friendly, they can quickly pay off and increase sales. More clients engage with a good mobile application thus resulting more orders and increases earnings.

Deliver essential information to customers through push notification, which help them in deciding to make immediate order.

Mobile analytics helps develop marketing campaigns, deliver improvements and updates.

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