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Android Q update

Android Q

Android Q beta is the latest forthcoming software update for Google’s mobile OS though it seems like Android 9 Pie and devices like the Galaxy S9 just got the update in February 2019, few months after Google released it, Android Q is here in the market with a bang and people are excited as they want to keep themselves abreast with the latest happenings. If you want to know the latest news, potential names, how ...

How to prepare your business for voice search optimization? Are you ready?

Voice search optimization strategy

As per the claim by Google 50% of searches will be conducted using voice search by 2020. Are you all set for this vibrational shift in search engine optimization, and want to get ahead of the voice search curve? Learn what you need to know in order to create a successful voice search optimization strategy for your business. As a business owner your main aim is to enable prospective customers to find and purchase your ...

How IoT & Blockchain Industry will revolve in 2019?

Blockchain IOT development

Blockchain technology is still in the early days of creating full impact on the world that we live in. It is in the wake of showing potential across many industries and started to enter the public awareness. It is predicted that blockchain IoT Development technology is likely to grow as numerous uses cases are found for this exciting new technology that are unrelated to cryptocurrencies.  Now all we can do is to wait and learn. ...

What are the most popular PHP Based Content Management system?

Content management system

If you are thinking of building a website and want to attract the maximum number of visitors to your site, then you need pictures, videos, amazing graphics, attractive content, texts that add value for the reader and user, then best option is usually to opt for a CMS Web development, They have positive effect on search engine. Manage content in an engaging way, by constantly revising, publishing, updating and managing it. Content management system is ...

How To Find An App Development Partner For Your Start-up In 2019

Mobile app development

If you sense that business, communication with each other and even life has speed up in the last 4-8 years, then you are absolutely right. Mobile has brought a sea change, a significant change in lifestyles of customers. Our phones hold more capacity than computers, We can discover and obtain Whatever we want and wherever we want it. Customer pace and network means a lot for ambitious, enthusiastic aspiring entrepreneurs. To launch a Ecommerce Industry ...