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Progressive Web App Development – Why Businesses Needs Attention?

Progresssive Web App Development
Do we all enjoy using apps? Isn’t it? With the flooding of mobile applications in the market, the way the users engage with them is also changing rapidly, so it’s development, from desktop we have gradually move to applications and now it is progressive web app development. It is a new and natural way, to develop applications that load faster, take up less power and storage. It is proving to be the next application development ...

Nodejs vs Golang Comparison: Which is better for Backend Web Development?

Node.js vs Golang
The quality of web applications, websites, or mobile apps is defined by many factors, such as its ability to perform well, code maintenance, smooth scaling, and overall system security. The quality of the app’s backend depends on all of this. The backend of the app is truly the most essential part of your product as it is responsible for all business logic and other sensitive operation. It is important to get the right tools for ...

Why hiring remote developers is the best idea in times of COVID-19?

Hiring Remote Developers
As the world is bidding adieu to the traditional office culture, business organizations should be aware of the benefit of hiring remote developers in COVID-19 The global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a huge impact on a large number of businesses and employees and change their way of living. From personal to professional, it has touched every cord of our daily lives. With social distancing being the only rescuer, it became mandatory ...

Top 10 Features Every HR Software Must Have

HRMS Software Features
Are you in need of HR software that is not just beneficial for the employer but also to the employees? Then your search ends here! Our HRMS software features cover the full spectrum of tasks associated with the HR department, including tracking, improving process efficiency, managing time, attendance, payroll, leave, day to day HR operations, company management, and much more. Many companies are being trapped in limited functionality software which consumes valuable time because they ...

Which is better Django vs Flask?

Django vs Flask
Do you want to choose the best framework for your needs without digging deep? Django vs flask are the two widely used frameworks for Python, Django is a well-polished framework aimed at the rapid development of various web apps written in Python. This framework is distributed as an open-source. The framework itself is actually a code library that helps developers in building reliable, easily scalable, and maintainable web apps. Django is the most popular of ...