Top 10 Features Every HR Software Must Have

Are you in need of HR software that is not just beneficial for the employer but also to the employees? Then your search ends here! Our HRMS software features cover the full spectrum of tasks associated with the HR department, including tracking, improving process efficiency, managing time, attendance, payroll, leave, day to day HR operations, company management, and much more. Many companies are being trapped in limited functionality software which consumes valuable time because they do not know which modules and features the software they use should include.

Get insight into some of the most essential and must have HRMS features in the software. Choose software with an intent that the company grows as its employees grow with it.

Most Common HR Software Modules and Features

The key HRMS software modules are as follows.

The essential of HR software is to provide a central database containing records for all employees past and present. It contains employees with personal information, qualification, etc. Our software has 4 major roles super admin, company admin, HR, and employees.

Leave and Absence Management

This module works in alignment with the company policy, it streamlines communication between HR and employees, and facilitate efficient employees management of automated leave schedules requisitions, tracking, approving any form of time off work becomes easy. Other HR software features are information on leave balance for any kind of time off. Online application with easy access, granting rights to the HOD and HR department, allows all employees to view their leave history, leave calculations, and their pending leaves.

Time and Attendance

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The timings regularities, attendance, etc are the parts of this module. It keeps track of the employees’ attendance and also keeps the data secured for future reference. Some of the most important features of this module are calendar appearance for better visualization of employee attendance, shift management platform for flexible scheduling, application facilities for holidays and half-day leaves, management for overtime.

Payroll Management

Our HRMS payroll software provides the following benefits, calculation of employee pay and benefits, managing direct deposit, salary revisions, payroll tracking, salary slip generation, and emailing the same to employees in their inbox. It allows an organization to keep employee data integrated with payroll data, this reduces the risk of calculation errors greatly and make paydays easier. The other HR payroll benefits are to make changes in pay, scheduling, and keeping track of employee hours.

Employee Self Service

Key features of HRMS allow employees to view and update their personal information, which removes a considerable administrative burden from HR staff. It can boost employees’ feelings of empowerment and engagement when they are allowed to access and have some degree of control over their own information. It allows them to view and make changes to their information, submit time-off requests, communicate with peers, HR professionals, and view their schedule information.


It gives employees online-offline statistics, their names, email ids, status, leave notification, birthdays, events, holiday calendars. Just by viewing the dashboard, you can get all the necessary information.

Company Management

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In this module each company can set up their departments, the designation of employees, their holidays list for a year, shifts, leave set up for employees, events and notice management, employee allowance, and deductions. This software also ensures that all relevant company’s information is well managed. The legal documents, Holiday lists, business documents, policies, and other information are the features covered under the software. This feature manages employee’s information like their name, number, personal email ids, etc and ensures data transfer insecure and easily convertible format. The main features of this software are to ensure consistency and compatibility. The data management feature ensures that HR has a full employee record of leave, medical history; IT forms anything that is relevant to the organization or the employee.


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This module of the HR software generates reports. These reports give a larger view of the overall performance so that relevant strategies can be designed to improvise the performance. It also provides the most suitable steps to be taken and favorable predictions so that the organization can make the most suitable decision. Reporting provides actionable insights and to use company data in a smart way by making timely and future decisions. By reviewing previous years and months of labor statistics, turnover information, and hiring data your company may be able to improve HR operations. It will make your company a more attractive place to work, save money, and boost efficiency.

A company admin will have access to the dashboard, Employee profile, documents, employees list, payroll, report, changelog list, help, and support modules.

The purpose of the HRMS system is to helps the HR managers to execute their daily activities efficiently. The daily tasks may include certain reminders, updates on events, training schedules, resource sharing, integration amongst department, and many more. It allows a checklist with some inbuilt activities along with an option to add to the list so that the daily activities and emails or reminders send out in time. The small and medium-sized business sometimes overlooks the importance of these daily tasks which is ensured using core HR software

The employees can fill their own information related to the leaves taken, working schedules, and any other using a login designed specifically for them. One of the HRMS feature lists is the accuracy of data and cut down on dependency, adding to the HR checklist a daily reminder for such activity can be made so that the efficiency and effectiveness can be maintained.

HR system stores employee information electronically improves efficiency in recording and finding information. It can remove or reduce the need for hard-copy employee files, keeping all of the information very organized and easy to access in a virtual filing cabinet. It also benefits companies that consistently lose or misplace information in large filing cabinets. Electronic data can also be analyzed for strategic purposes, better secured against breaches.

Safety Management

The software works under high protection, there is a security process that is followed, the codes and passwords are created with great precision and the receiving and transmission of data are done in encrypted form, and there is a continuous update that ensures that there is no threat to the system.

These are some of the important modules in the HRMS, administering all those processes on paper or using multiple tools is no longer a viable option. Many companies still use sticky notes, spreadsheets, and paper documents to organize employee information and communicate schedules, an HR system may be of great benefit to your organization.

Do you want to automate many mundane HR tasks, improves the security of sensitive information? Then get in touch with us, explore our product by scheduling a demo.