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Logistics Softwares (IOS , Android)Of Driver007

Driver007 is a professional delivery management platform. It makes delivery process transparent, simple, easy and more effective. Managing drivers, dispatching parcels, tracking progress in real time.

Parcel delivery jobs are created and managed through Driver007 online platform, drivers can use mobile application for their daily activities, and it allows drivers to view all their jobs and locations they need to visit as a pop up and on a map. They can get drive directions to each location that takes into account traffic conditions and other factors. Drivers can view full job details and update progress of the job

When new jobs get assigned to drivers they will receive notifications on their phone in real time. Driver pick up and deliver goods, capture photographs, customer signatures as proof of delivery.

The management is able to see all this information in real time and get updates on progress of jobs, when packages were picked up and where delivered with current location of all drivers.


  • Map box location on each pickup and delivery with ability to get driving directions.
  • Create complex jobs with multiple pickup or delivery addresses
  • The app serves as a daily run sheet and contains up to date information.
  • Receive push notifications in real time when new jobs are assigned to drivers.
  • Get real time job status updates and progress.
  • Minimise distractions (as management is able to see progress in real time, eliminate calls or text driver to get updates.

Technologies: (iOS) Xcode 10.2, swift, objective C etc.

(Android) Android studio, Json parsing, Java, etc.

Download now on : Android


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