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Swift app development is a programming language for IOS, OS X, Watch OS and TVOS Apps. It builds the best of C and objective-c without the constraints of C compatibility. It adopts safe programming patterns and adds modern features. The language is optimized for development and performance.

Features of Swift
  • It is a programming language built using a modern approach to safety, performance, and software design patterns.
  • Swift language is used for programming, mobile, desktop apps and cloud services.
  • Swift makes code easier to read and write.
  • It is less prone to mistakes and module eliminates header and provide namespaces.
  • Memory is managed automatically.
  • Swift is a combination of more familiar syntax and simple language and gives a great backward compatibility.
  • Swift programming language instantly displays the output.

Swift App Development
Benefits of Swift
  • Swift is open Source and growing fast, it is immediately accessible and less costly.
  • It produces highly generic code that can do a lot of amazing things, reducing repetition as well as effort. It is less error-prone.
  • It is safer and easier to maintain, it does not have any legacy code to deal with.
  • Swift app development are fast and have good performance.
  • With Swift, there are fewer crashes and bugs in production, which significantly reduces the amount of time and money spent during the testing phases of development.
  • Building Apps using swift languages gives a better chance to be featured in the App stores as Apple often features apps that use their latest technologies and follow their best practices and trends.
  • Swift is a good choice for consumer-facing apps when performance and speed are considered to be critical.
  • Swift is unified with memory management
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