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A few years ago Real Estate Industries was really affected due to the rapid changes in the economy. Construction companies have started to use mobile technology in order to save money and increase the productivity. Mobility solution has become more important for the construction industry to stay competitive in the market. The aim of using mobile applications in the construction industry is to improve the existing IT infrastructure, applications, communications and process of the construction.

SSTech’s App development for real estate optimizes the operation and provides a strong return on investments. Construction projects can be managed in a very effective way through our mobility solution. Despite the geographical locations, you can access back office information using mobile devices and connect with customers on the go.

Our web design and development for real estate offers enterprise solutions, such as real estate portals with property information, agent login, listing, lead management system. CRM software, real estate accounting software.

Our Mobile App development for Real Estate industry enhance the business potential. We offer faultless cloud solutions that maintain information security, help businesses to generate leads and enhance return on investment, stay flexible.

Our real estate industries solutions enables us to assist real estate companies to capitalize the power of cloud computing, mobile technology We ensure that our value added services exceeds clients expectation.

Our Property web design and development helps contractors to access information such as project plans, budgeting, the requirement of resources, issues filed and their status, contact information etc. so investing in a complete construction software solution will not only handle the complexities of the entire project life cycle but also allows contractor to control all business operations with a single hand.

Our Competency In Real Estate.
  • Real estate business consultation
  • Enterprise applications for document management, risk monitoring and inventory management
  • Monitoring and tracking system for operations, report generation and dashboard implementation.
  • Workflow and information flow management systems.

Benefits of Php Application

Benefits Of Using Mobility Solutions In Real Estate Sector

Mobility solutions help to undertake the location-based activities in a smooth way. Apart from the location-based requirements, real estate mobile apps help the onsite workers or agents to manage the information anytime from anywhere through their smartphone. The 4 main advantages of real estate mobility apps are as under

1. Provides Location Information

As real estate industry mainly deals with sites and properties in different geographical areas. There are mobile apps which give the information of the exact location of a person. The app such as GPS is capable of directing the users with clear maps. So it helps the agents to reach the property or clients in no time.

2. Close enough to the user

Smartphones have become a part of the routine life of the users. People depend on it a lot. When a company maintains an app for their users it is quite easy to reach them. The communication between a customer and an agent becomes smooth through this. It also helps the company to keep contact with the onsite workers.

3. Improved Process Efficiency

Mobility enabled real estate solutions improves the process efficiency. It reduces the paper documentation. Mobility helps to integrate the onsite/ field operations. It connects company, agents, and clients through a single application. Mobile applications give best customer service as the property information and communication is done through the smartphone. Mobile application development companies develop effective apps which act as better feedback systems. Immediate feedback helps the company and clients to take necessary changes in their operation.

4. Increased Productivity

The ultimate goal of real estate mobile apps was increased productivity. Mobile apps give a detailed list of mobile apps with realistic property views. It reduces paperwork. It helps the agents to chart the property details and to schedule client meetings. Location-based services were another benefit of mobility-enabled mobile apps. So

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