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Shipping is a critical part of your business, but it’s becoming more complex and expensive than ever. SSTech Ship is one of the most sought after WordPress plugin for shipping rates, shipping process and order manifest generation developed by SSTech System. This plugin helps you immensely with the shipping solutions for your business. It offers integration with international shipping carriers, and you can configure shipping methods at once. This plugin lets you display shipping rates and print label from within your Woo Commerce store. Apart from this, you can also auto generate email shipping labels, manage returns efficiently and bulk print shipping labels. It is the perfect tool for integrating Woo-Commerce. This plugin support flat rate boxes that are free and merchants can simply order them to start packaging and shipping. It saves time and money, print labels from Woo-Commerce dashboard at the lowest rates.

Shipping Plugin
Shipping Plugin
Benefits of Shipping Plugin
  • Seamless integration of shipping products and services, option to enable only the cheapest rates.
  • Manage all of your shipping operation in one place which includes shipping labels, order and manifest invoices for your Woo-Commerce
  • Make selling of physical products easier by print labels right from Woo-Commerce dashboard at the lowest rates.
  • Manually adjust the shipping rates based on your business strategies
  • Generate and print shipping label in bulk.
How SSTech Ship plugin works

Step 1

  • Get SSTech Ship plugin installed and activated with the license key. Once the license key is validated, it will redirect to Order process screen. For getting the license key Contact us

Step 2

  • Set the rates by clicking on shipping company table rate link, it will redirect to SSTech Wo-Commerce shipping method
Shipping Plugin
Shipping Plugin
Step 3

  • Get Shipping company Access Token (OP Access Token) by visiting its site to use their shipping methods and set up shipping zone by filling necessary details of shipping method and country zone, and set the shipping rates zone wise.

Step 4

  • You can start using SSTech Shipping Plugin after complete configuration of the shipping rates and access token.
Why Choose SSTech Ship
  • Quick Integration and configuration SSTech Ship plugin with shipping company parcel site.
  • Shipping rates calculation on order page.
  • Generate and print shipping label in bulk.
  • Add or modify packages within the Woo Commerce orders for more flexibility
  • Print shipping labels from Woo-Commerce Order page, after logging into WordPress dashboard, you can create a shipment by clicking on the create shipment button.
  • The plugin automatically sends the shipping label charges to your carrier account.
  • This plugin allows you to print shipping labels for the paper size 8.5*11 or 4*6.
  • Bulk label printing with Zebra thermal printer.
  • Enter weight and dimension of products manually in case not available in the order, while creating the shipment.
  • Post manifest, invoice for Woo-Commerce shipments, it will print the manifest and invoice as a proof of payment required for all shipment for pick up or drop-off.
  • The store owner can generate label for all the shipment, for orders to be mentioned in a manifest.

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