Moodle Development

Moodle Highly Flexible, Robust, Customized Framework For Your Business.

Moodle is one of the top learning management systems in Php. It is flexible and feature-rich open source and can be customized. Moodle comes with many add-on modules and functionalities which is very useful in molding e-Learning platforms. Some significant functionalities are discussion forum, grading, document submission, chat, online calendar, quiz, noticeboard etc.

Features of Moodle Development
  • An open source platform that enables cost-effective management.
  • A highly flexible and scalable platform that meets the needs of growing businesses
  • Hundreds of plugins are available to perform various functions
  • Provides good support to web 2 tools that pave the way for effective collaborating learning.
  • Facilitates the seamless flow of integration with the various enterprise system.
  • Modern easy to use interface.
  • Personalized dashboard
  • Convenient file management
  • Simple and intuitive text editor
  • Customizable site design and layout
  • Manage user roles and permission
  • Simple plugin management.
  • Regular security updates
  • Detailed reporting and logs

Our Services
  • Moodle Application Development
  • Moodle Mobile App Development
  • Moodle Consulting
  • Moodle Integration
  • Moodle Support
  • Moodle enhancements and customization
  • Moodle Hosting

Benefits for your business
It's Original And Unique, That Appeals To Your Target Audience.
Extensive Support

The range, scope and support services are extensive, always growing & evolving. All of our services are based on the same principles

Multiple OS, Many Devices

Simplify your IT operation for evolving business demands with our applicationsthat are built for multiple OS and many devices at the same time.

High Security

Assured High Security, Privacy and Protection from outside sources through our applications and gain true business success.

Hire Dedicated Developers
Our Passionate Pool Of Talent Possesses Multi Skills And Rich Experience.