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The shipping industry grows vigorously, flourishes on mobility. Every day, the industry witnesses a gigantic movement of people and packages in Air, Sea, and surface from one location to another.

Centralization and mobile services in logistics streamline the business operations to a large extent. Development of innovative apps had a major impact on the logistics business. Enabling with logistics and fleet management app, the enterprises will be benefitted through cost-effective transportation, fuel management, compliance, location-tracking system, minimize vehicle investment risks, and hence improve the efficiency and productivity.

IT experts believe that the performance of a fleet depends on its maintenance and the task assessment to the fleet. Many companies have their own warehouse, multi-channel support, and fleet management practices. However, these practices need a mobility infrastructure that makes the system more reliable and more comfortable. Fleet management in the logistics industry is facing the heat of competition and they are facing many upfront challenges. Experts believe that many of these challenges can be solved with the mobile application. To some extent employee location are important but communicating the plan within the organization is vital for cost-effective operations of a company.

Various departments in the logistics industry can stay connected and share the information with their staffs to boost the performance. Logistics sector seems to be depending on the cloud computing as never before. Most of the logistics companies are using smartphones and tablets that allow Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Near Field Communication (NFC). These devices assist the user to track the fleet and guide them seamlessly. Few of the features that can describe cloud computing are cargo drivers can update the transportation status using their tablets, while the warehouse officer checks updated freight rates on his smartphone.

Logistic Industry

Logistics companies have to build their trustworthiness among their clients because it is a matter of good security and on time delivery. Therefore, they require dedication and innovation in the marketplace where competition is harsh and growing. The logistics industry has been incorporating fleet management processes with mobile applications, which hold many advantages like:

The major fleet management practices are

Highly Cost-Effective

Fleet management process like time management, route optimization, departmental task handling, support and communication, warehouse handling will be automated by the incorporation of mobile technology which reduces the fuel expenditure and builds an effective communication to boost productivity.

Better Visibility

Logistics mobile apps offer improved visibility across a company’s entire supply chain. It also enables the enterprise to track and trace fleets, record driver behavior and debrief drivers after deliveries are completed. In this way, it not only saves the time but also saves the money wasted on tracking and tracing.

Increased Automation

Fleet management tasks can be automated through mobility solutions in real time. As soon as the enterprise get equipped with the fleet management apps they can easily decrease manual labor and delivery time.

The app has the following features
  • Vehicle dashboard screen
  • Driver information / dashboard
  • Mileage log / tracking tool
  • Helps to locate authorized service center
  • Google Maps integration
  • Ease of navigation
  • Roadside assistance
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We work closely with logistics companies to harness the power of mobile technology to achieve customer satisfaction, enhance employee productivity and heighten up brand value and revenue growth. Likewise, in logistics, employee productivity is crucial. Powered with a vast experience in logistics, we develop distinct and innovative mobility solutions for shipping companies. We believe this will help them to be more customer responsive and unique from competitors.

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