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Major benefits of mobility solutions for the hospitality business.

The hospitality industry can gain a lot from mobility solutions. As nowadays consumers are using mobile phones for everything. They are surfing the mobile web. They are interacting with their friends on the mobile social network. Smartphone and tablets are invaluable tools for increasing use of hotel manpower.

Mobile technologies can save time of hotel staff by enabling guest to help themselves find information

Mobile websites containing a hotel and localized information are great opportunity to provide guests with helpful information on the go without standing in a line and calling the front desk. Marketing and promotion of hotel services to the guest.

Special, promotional and discounted offer can be messaged on mobile.

Hospitality Industry

The brand of the hotel is the guest wherever they are.

Providing information and services via the mobile web and text messaging means the brand of the hotel is in the pocket and purse of the guest. The new promotional offer can be sent to the guest whenever the hotel comes up with it. Push notification and other interaction with the guest provide the ideal means of communication in a discreet but effective fashion.

Mobility solution has other benefits to a hotel as well as the guest as under.
  • It’s cost effective
  • It can have a greater control over the employees
  • More rapid services to the customer
  • Hotel system can be contacted by the customer for various services
  • It reduces the time and work of waiter as the ordered can be received by device handled and with a push of a button send it to the point of sale.
  • It reduces the risk of human error and loss of revenue as the bills are generated digitally.
  • It customizes the various aspect of business by having a dynamic menu, changing the price of seasonal food and hiding from the view the dishes that may not be possible to make due to lack of ingredients.
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