AngularJS Development

Good Solution For Dynamic Apps With A Single Page

Angular JS is a super powerful framework for building a great application that runs in a web browser. Angular helps us to create complex interactive applications that is quick and responsive. One of its greatest strengths is bi-directional data binding capabilities which take cares of updating UI when data changes. AngularJS works hard to ensure that our internal model of data matches what the user sees on the pages and vice versa, even when the user changes that information by interacting with the pages. Angular JS also makes it easy to separate the front end parts of an application from the backend. AngularJS development makes it easier for a visual designer to work directly on the project and progressively build fully featured application. It is a Model View Controller framework. It is an advanced technology by Google, developed for the simplification of development and testing. Angular JS provides a whole new pool of opportunities to make your application look marvellous.

Benefits of AngularJS Development
  • Faster and Modern Browser:
    Angular JS supports more browsers like IE10/11, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari on the desktop and chrome on Android, Windows Phone 8+, IOS6 and Firefox mobile.
  • Improved Design Architecture:
    It gives an idea of the application & its functionality, It enhances design structure.
  • Faster Application Development:
    The application development, testing, and maintenance is fast and quick with MVC architecture.
  • Promotes Code Re-usability:
    AngularJS development provides code re-usability, developers can now reuse the codes or the components of the codes written before in different application.
  • Allows Parallel Development:
    Developers can develop application parallel with Angular JS.
Uses of Angular JS
  • AngularJS help develops a great web app with the best user experience.
  • It is used for e-Commerce and m-Commerce, marketplace sites have been built by the use of AngularJS.
  • Video streaming apps like youtube are built on Angular JS
  • Social Apps like LinkedIn is built with the help of Angular JS
  • User-generated content portals like and both use AngularJS Development as their basis. It handles tons of posts, projects, and chats each day.
  • Travel Apps with dynamic features are built on Angular JS

AngularJS Development

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