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Android studio is Android’s official IDE. Highest quality apps are built for every Android device. It offers custom tools tailored for Android developers, which includes rich code editing, debugging, testing and profiling tools.

Features of Android studio
  • Code and Iterate faster than ever
  • Android Studio’s job is to provide the interface for you to create your apps, and to handle much of the complicated file management.
  • Android studio is simply, where you will write, edit and save your projects and the files that comprise said project
  • Android studio’s instant run feature pushes code and resource changes to your running app.
  • The code editor helps to write better code, work faster and be more productive by offering advanced code completion, refactoring and code analysis.
  • The Android emulator starts apps faster than a real device, allows to prototype and test your app on various Android device configurations, phones, tablets, and Android Wear and Android TV devices.
  • Stimulate a variety of hardware features such as GPS location, network latency, motion sensors, and multi-touch input.
  • It offers live hints, while you are coding, will often suggest necessary changes that can fix errors or make your code more efficient. Android studio will provide a list of autocomplete suggestion to help you finish it.
  • Setting up of Android studio is easy.

Features of Android studio
Benefits of Android Studio
  • Android studio provides the fastest tools for building apps for every type of Android device.
  • It helps in code editing, debugging, performance tooling and an instant build/deploy system that allows to building unique and high-quality apps.
  • Instant Run dramatically speeds edit, build, and run cycles.
  • Intelligent code editor writes better code, work faster and more productive.
  • Fast and feature rich emulator.
  • Robust and flexible build system.
  • Code templates and Git Hub integration.
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