Ajax Development

Make Your Web More Interactive And Responsive.

Ajax is not a technology but group of technologies, It is an important front-end web technologies that lets JavaScript communicate with a web server. A new content can be loaded without leaving a current page creating a better and faster experience for the website visitor. It is a client-side script that communicates to and from a server database without the need for a postback or a complete page refresh. It is a method of exchanging data with a server and updating part of a web page without reloading the entire page. Ajax development gives user a delightful experience of browsing.

Benefits of Ajax
  • Ajax development enabled application to be faster, responsive and user-friendly.
  • It improves speed, performance, and usability of a web application.
  • Network utilization is minimized as data being sent to and from the server is minimal, which results in making the operation quicker.
  • Ajax development allows you to make asynchronous calls to a web server. This allows the client browser to avoid waiting for all data to arrive before allowing the user to act once more.
Uses of Ajax
  • Small amounts of information could be saved and retrieved from the server without posting back the entire pages with the help of Ajax in a web application.
  • It is used to change the values in a drop-down list box.
  • It is used to save or retrieve session values from the server based on a user preference such as the height, width or position of an object.
  • Some action triggers the event, like the user clicking a button.
  • The AJAX call fires, and sends a request to a server-side script, using XML
  • A second JavaScript function called a call-back function, catches the data and updates the web page.
  • The server-side script (PHP, ASP) takes the input from JavaScript, can access the database if it needs to and processes the data.
  • Using XML again, the script sends the data back to the original client-side page that made the request.
  • A second JavaScript function, called a callback function catches the data, and updates the web page.
Ajax development

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