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It is difficult to deny the role of technology in the education sector. A remarkable tech advancement has happened in the education sector, since the inception and discovery of mobility solution. Operations in school and colleges are undergoing a massive transformation with the emergence of a mobility solution.

Mobility has played a pivotal role in streamlining the operation,teachers,students,parents, and management benefits from the various mobile device, network, and application.

Educators across the world have the opportunity to get in touch with numerous students through upgraded strategies, learning models and technology. Student-teacher interactions are reaching new heights

Product of Mobility
  • Video e-learning devices and systems
  • Web based systems for back office support.
  • Fees collection apps and system
  • Document management apps and systems for educational institutes

Mobile devices have transformed learning in more ways. Now a day’s almost all students are owing a smartphone or a tablet, students are connected to their schools, teachers, assignments and course material 24*7. A Student can access all their textbook, course materials, assignments, and timetable from their mobile device, making it a virtual school bag.

Mobile devices have enabled students to learn from not just books, but also videos, podcasts, webinar, slideshow and even video conferencing. The teacher can create and give different tests, assignments to every student without many hassles, helping especially weaker students to progress.

Augmented reality apps are now helping students to not just learn but also experience and enjoy the power of immersive learning. Students nowadays learn key lessons through word puzzles, number riddles, math games making learning fun and truly rewarding.

Mobile devices are allowing students to effectively communicate and discuss assignments using email, chat, and video conferencing. Students can participate in live lectures from anywhere just through their smart phones.

Learning has become more personalized with mobile devices, teachers can share course content like text, videos and audio clips, which students can refer to before, during or after class.

Over the last few years, mobile learning has steadily gained ground and is set to become a permanent feature in schools, colleges and universities worldwide.

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